’13 Worst Singles #1: Migos “Hannah Montana”

Written By: @BdotTM January 10, 2014 @ 6:33 PM EDT

Damn You, Miley.

What does it take to be number one? Here are some easy steps. First, title your song after a notable person. Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. Second. Heavy drums. Niggas love drums. Third and, most importantly, repeat the aforementioned title incalculable times. That’s what the Migos did. You see, the group weren’t the first to do it, just the worst. Sure, it “bangs” in the club, but at 1 A.M., what song doesn’t? Oh sweet niblets. This stinks!—B.Dot

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  • James Haydel

    This song bangs 24/7. there were way worse singles out there. Highly dissapointed in you BDot. #YRN

    • D Rock

      Right, say what you want but that shit goes, this nigga B Dot getting all his list are questionable

  • Michael Ibbett

    I just realized YN’s name doesn’t touch any of the “worst” posts haha smart…

    I was lookin forward to rap radar lists tho since I remembered them on the 1st

    • bullfrog24

      i’m glad i’m not the only one to recognize that lol gotta keep those crwn interviews intact lol.

      And damn i didn’t realize migos had so many fans…pretty sad lol

  • Davey Allen

    Started from the bottom, Freaks and the monster were the worst singled of 2013. this song is dope. why you hating on Young Niggas B.Dot and Elliot. You can’t dick ride Drake. and then hate on the originators of the flow he used for songs like The Language and Versace verse which you put at #1 So if you see a bunch of females in the club twerking and shaking ass your not going to say the songs hot. or Even if Someone like Drake made a song about shaking ass and had white girls busting it open you would be like ohhhh its #1. You show favoritism. Tell the Truth your both Grown ass men. I’m glad Ebro Either both of you on Hot 97. Because your losing creditability.

    • The Monster was one of the worst singles of 2013? bruh I need you to go to your kitchen, grab the sharpest knife you can find, and cut the bullshit out.

  • peezy

    Migos as a whole are the worst thing to happen to 2013 but riff raff had the worst song

  • LV

    This song was Dope as hell for what it was worth!

  • inf

    Gotta disagree with this one. This my shit.

  • Chronic

    This song was hot fire…I don’t know what y’all were listening to

  • Sean Power

    freak was worst

  • Brandon

    Man this shit is dumb catchy. To each is own because I fucks with the Migos heavy when I need some uptempo music to get me energized. Im not saying they replacing anyone on my iTunes playlist but they get spins.

  • Nah’mean

    what’s YN doing ? Hating on Migos, what’s Migos doing ? Getting Money !!! Hannah Montana is Top Ten best song of 2013

  • guest

    this song was wack as fuck , but the album was actually pretty dope (great trap sounds ,hooks.,etc) yeah the album bangs in a good way they do this better than chief keef even, but not with singles these though

  • Go go gadget single
  • Rap Deciple

    First off I’m not a blogger or some angry ass hatin fan. Hip hop is my culture and life. And this is my 1st post on any site. Here goes… Are you serious RapRadar??? I am a huge fan of the site and not so much of Migos but this song goes hard. Dave hit the nail on the head. There sound clearly birthed Drakes flow on the hottest songs off NWTS and Versace which was your #1 feature. Biting has always been in hiphop but that doesn’t mean it goes unnoticed and portrayed as original. Elliot and B.Dot come on man I can name maybe 20 singles that were sonically worse than this and had a 3rd of the impact. There is a place in hiphop for fun turn up records. Side note even if the biter took it to the next level you can’t shit on the originator.

  • Sam Robilotta

    Lol I don’t think they like Miley can you tell

  • Cam Trimble

    this is pure hate on the part of Rapradar. this is my favorite and most trusted site, but this song is too hot and too catchy to be the worst single.

  • RBS

    How the fuck do y’all hate on Migos & take yourselves seriously… B. Dot fucking sucks.

  • Its sad that Migos have all these fans smh that song is horrible as hell

  • Percival Molina

    got Lindsey Lohan, got lizzie mcguire and i cant forget about katy… perry … wtf how is this #1 worst single smh smh smh…. horrible list on this site

  • James Januaryshottest Wilson

    thats bull shit hannah montana dope better then hold on I’m coming home , really tho all you up might folks don’t fuck with the south or something this song come on it starts parties club strip clubs y’all are payed i understand YM and jay got dicks in you guys harder then most but these lil niggas was independent its plenty more sorry songs then this being number 1 smh

  • James Januaryshottest Wilson

    but I’m sure macklamore who’s making pop not hip hop or rap smh is a lot better fucking up the new year already

  • Balla

    But if Rick Ross made this exact same song ya’ll would call it the best single. Dick riding ass MMG groupies man.

  • Killyoself Asap

    How did these skinny jean fags get on lol? Like who did they blow to get in the game? Where’s Spice 1 when you need him lol?!

  • drakes uncle

    Clearly you never turn up

  • MarkOfTheBuddah

    this def didnt deserve worst single

  • gasdgad

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  • When did it become cool to hate the Migos? That’s all I’m hearing now is Migos backlash. Why now?

  • Picasso Micheaux

    First, title your song after a notable person…and most importantly, repeat the aforementioned title incalculable times…Tom Ford?

    • Joseph Robinson


  • wil$on

    wowwwwww this song is a crazyyyyy banger,east,west,mid west and down south

  • Davey Allen

    Anything Riff Raff makes should be #1 worst anything

  • CoolAssTuck

    Rap Radar’s worst song birthed it’s number one album.

  • Joseph Robinson

    Never forget that money powers this site. The source of the money dictates every post/review/feature/etc. Sorry guys, but this is a “pay-to-play” industry. The commanders of this site are employees of very rappers/labels they praise. We shouldn’t give this site so much power in this industry to the point where a post on here determines an artist’s fate.

  • wei sheng

    worst singles #1…..Wacklemores whole lp!!!!! ill listen to migos anyday before ryhme lacking wacklemore.

  • A.D.


  • akd

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