’14 Best Albums #2: J.Cole ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 9, 2015 @ 5:00 PM EDT

The Real Is Back.
No clear single here. Just pure hip hop from the heart from one of hip-hop’s most needed voices. Cole finally got to commercially release the album he always wanted to make. Prove people wrong. Jermaine won again.

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  • Da Business

    Listening to this right now as a matter of fact.

  • Agreed should of been number 1 tho………… Cole World no blankets went Gold in two weeks with no promo highest rap selling album last year to be exact.


    if YG gets album of the year you guys need to kill yaself

    • diggz

      it happend lol

    • M.E.C.C.A,

      the best album I have heard in a while….to each def it’s own…

      I wonder since it is clear yall basing these list of your personal preference where yall are at morally in your lives. I mean if it just a business to yall I understand but this album restored hip hop on a mainstream level. It made people believe that being conscious is not only cool but respectable..

      Take away the gimmicks and the help from the artist on your beloved list they are left with zilch…Cole truly stands alone and always delivers!

      • b r z a

        Word! This was def #1 on my list Cole finally did it

    • Chill YG dope tho, I prefer J.Cole to be number 1

      • diggz

        I’m listening to the cd now first time. Gotta say I love it

  • The Rock says

    Logics album is better but I digress

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Lmao YG getting that number one

  • Johnny Boy

    Overrated af.

    • Da Business

      Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.


      • Johnny Boy

        So it’s a good album because it sold well? Foh…

        • RoctheKight

          I mean “Bad albums” don’t get good numbers right ? I get you thou. illmatic did 59k it’s first week and went platinum in 2002. 94-2002 is a heck of a wait for an album that’s called one of the best. but i don’t see how Cole is overrated in your opinion. The man had no singles no radio play no radio promotion UNTIL the album came out.

        • Da Business

          Nah my G, the people have spoken. Not only did his fans showed up and supported the kid but it generally received rave reviews from everyone that matters.

          • Johnny Boy

            It was mediocre to me but, whatever.

          • b r z a

            This is Cole’s most complete album to date imo

        • yeah

          For god sakes don’t let your top 3 be run the jewels, prhyme, and Freddie Gibbs, talk about sleepy artists….. *sips tea*

          • Greenbergs

            bruh, j cole will make me fall asleep if im listening to his shit with beats by dre on n im on coke…his shit would instantly sober me up…wack as fuck and overrated

    • Gold in two weeks with three weeks promo and went back to Warm up FNL I will say sir you a liar.

    • Omar Hameen


    • Greenbergs

      couldnt possibly agree anymore…this dudes music will have me snoozing early..

  • true story no lie

    Good album grew on me more with each listen. Atleast this placement made sense.

  • Right again. 2-0 here comes the undeserving YG Nomination. Sadly… Nice album Cole too bad Elliott a Cornball..

  • Fresh45

    This album was better than his last 2. I will give him that overall, it was just an OK album. I’m waiting on him to put out a project better than the Warm Up.

    • yeah

      You got it bruh, analyze progress

    • Hussle

      acting like FNL isnt better than the warm up? oh ok lol

      • Fresh45

        That mix tape is exactly when Cole became boring to me.

  • ITS ME

    Although I’m not the biggest Cole fan or the biggest fan of this album, I agree with this. The sales of this album with 0 singles, 0 features, and 0 promotion is nothing short of impressive

  • yeah

    Disagreements are disabled on this post unless referring to move it to number 1

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I disagree j Cole album was kinda corny.

    • U corny

    • Omar Hameen

      Shit was corny as hell

      • el jim chapo guzman

        lol facts

        • ken

          people who don’t like j cole his music probably going over your head u prob prefer young thug music FOH

          • el jim chapo guzman

            nah i hate young thug, you probably like chief keef.

  • kudahfee

    Well the list is spot on in terms of who should be listed where you rank them is up to you.

  • diggz

    What’s #1? Logic? YG?


    The Real is back???LMMFAO!!!!The reverse racist is real???Talking all that white rapper shit when he is half WHITE!!!He is a white rapper!!!Rap Radar is losing all credibility.Fucking Clowns!

  • yorapper

    So gay.

  • blackbeltbreeze

    love yourz

  • YG album was good but nigggggggga forreal?

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Amazing album!!!!!

  • realish

    yg schoolboy q and ross albums was better than this wak shit.

  • Capuccino

    this record is gonna b on rotation for at least the next 5 years, all of j.cole’s shit stands the test of time

  • IG: claytondadon

    seriously tho.. how YG can get the best album comparing to that jcole purity… this cant be possible.. might find myself a new hiphop blog

  • Dashing28

    It doesn’t even take too much hindsight to realize how bad a call giving YG the best rap album over Forest Hills Dive was.