’14 ‘Best Albums #5: Jeezy ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’

Written By: @BdotTM January 9, 2015 @ 2:00 PM EDT

Believe It.

Jeezy’s been there and done that. But instead of copping the t-shirt, he bottles his experiences on Seen It All: The Autobiography. Fittingly enough, Da Snowman chronicles his rise from┬ámercenary (“1/14 Block”) to millionaire (“Seen It All”). Accepting the game’s highs and lows (“Holy Ghost”), Jeezy’s memoir has the makings of a bestseller.

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  • BxtchImFromCLE

    Jeezy album better than Gibbs?? How ironic, to bad it’s a JOKE!

  • slim

    this is better than run the jewels ?


    • kudahfee

      Jeezy is a bigger name, rr is a pop blog.

    • Shock

      They are very close, and I’m a day one Killer Mike fan. Don’t act like this album was trash.

    • 1KillMovez1

      You act as if this album was trash… Seen it all was nice.

  • Donn

    Impact is different. I think ppl think just cus they like something fuck what the rest of what ppl liked. This album resonated with more ppl than those other cats. There’s still ppl who don’t even know who Freddie Gibbs is or who run the jewels are. Their projects are great but no one knows or cares. That’s the reality. J

    • Someone fucking get it. I would give you 100 upvotes.

    • Caposet

      This album along with T.I.’s album came and went fast.

      • Da Business

        Maybe TI’s, Jeezy and Ross ran the streets in 2014 as far as the mainstream goes. I’d throw YG in that conversation as well.

    • yeah

      THANK. YOU. SIR.

  • Ced

    Thought it was 1/4 Block..

  • IKEEPIT100

    This album was soooo garbarbage an this is from a huge jeezy fan..an i seen him at his tm103 concert so dont get it twisted..this was by far jeezys worst album shit had 0 replay value..

  • Rick Ross

    This album gets so much better the more I listen

    • Rick Ross

      But Mastermind should be #1 lol

  • yeah

    If I hear one more thing about run the jewels… Hear me out, Killa Mike is a BEAST. But the white boy is corny, period, if it was all Killa mike. He’d deserve a higher position. Everybody boo hooing about this and the prhyme shit need to sit the fuck down and quit being so butt hurt because a couple mainstream guys know what the fuck they’re doing and are doing it for a bigger spectrum than some dusty old hip hoppers. And incase you didn’t see where I’ve said this before, OF COURSE THE LIST IS BIAS, IF THERE WAS NO BIAS YOU COULDNT HAVE THE OPINION TO SAY WHO WAS BETTER TO EVEN HAVE ONE, QUIT BEING SO EMOTIONAL AND JUST HAVE FUN WITH THIS GOD DAMN

  • Gordon

    This was my favorite album of the year, should be lower.

    • areal1

      I feel the same way only other album that I would put ahead of it is maybe yg

  • Guest

    This is album was Garbage, Jeezy this era aint for you.

  • Hardheaded

    This album was hot garbage, Jeezy this era aint for you big homie.

  • Hussle

    album was meh to me

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Honestly this was one of jeezy worst album ever.

  • jlUK

    I like Jeezy but this album was poopstains

  • JefferyDamnHer

    shit was wack af