’14 Best Beats #5: Timbaland “Movin Bass”

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 6, 2015 @ 2:00 PM EDT

How Low Can You Go?

Timberland was so proud of his best beat in years he sold it to Rick Ross, got a Jay-Z  feature and turned around to use it to launch his artist, Tink. That ain’t movin’ right, but the track still knocks.—EW

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    No fucking way nigga is this one of the top 5 beats. Another example of YN dick riding rick ross and jay z and an old corny has been like himself timbaland

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    we should start a kickstarter for gunplay


      to get him a new chain or for rehab?


    tinks version was still better



  • TheTruthHurts

    This is honestly one of the WORST beats I can think of this year. YN continually diminishes any respect and credibility he has every time he opens his mouth or types.

  • thats word real cops dont go to prison

  • aboynamedandy


  • b r z a

    the beat is dope but def not Tim’s best of the year

  • kudahfee

    Niggas on here saying this beat was ass but was the dick riding the tink version like it was the best shit you ever heard. Only reason niggas was dissing this beat is because 1. Rick Ross was on it 2. It was totally different than ross’s normal beat selection & 3. Niggas was so let down that jay-z didn’t have a verse. If niggas didn’t think ross version was that good ok I understand that. But what makes tink version so out of this world on the same beat it’s wasn’t like ross wasn’t on that version. The beat was really dope but the overall execution all around over shadowed it. Ross definitely should’ve had a jay verse on his version the song would’ve went a lot further. And timbo should’ve released tink version a little later at least for the sake that it was originally rick ross song.

    • GetReal

      right these niggas are g-unit fan boy faggots I’m convinced its all niggas from his internet street team on here, all they doing is making the unit look lamer and lamer

    • butthurt nigga alert

      “Niggas on here saying this beat was ass but was the dick riding the tink version like it was the best shit you ever heard”

      Because after hearing the mega disappointing mediocre Rick Ross version that Tink version was the best she we ever heard. Better hook, improved beat and Jay-Z actually rapping.

      • kudahfee

        Dumbest shit I ever heard lol you must be one of those anonymous gunit butthole surfer accounts

  • McGlock

    this beat slaps

  • cmonhomiewemajor

    way better trap beats came out this year

  • Acersterl

    This beat is clearly Not one of the best beats of 2014. Rap Radar doesn’t have That ear for this 1

  • #IDGT

    I liked the beat dude, Tink version 1000000xxxx better though dude.

  • Dame Damn

    I don’t get how people don’t love this beat. The shit is so ill.