’14 Best Guest Verses #4: Jay Z “Seen It All”

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 6, 2015 @ 3:30 PM EDT

Back In Style.

Is Hov gonna ever run out of clever ways of talking about his old drug dealing days? No. He’s as captivating, candid and real here as ever. Welcome home to Emory!—EW

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  • Daman

    agreed, jay killed it!


    Should be on best beats of 2014 too

    • yeah

      Swearrrrrrrrrr… They slipped on that one

  • b r z a

    Jay’s verse was dope no argument here

  • cmonhomiewemajor

    only 4? neither kendrick or drake had a better verse than this..so if their names come up above this record then YN is an opportunist dickrider

    • yeah

      Neither of those guys had hardy any features this year… Just saying G

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        and yet they still put drake’s verse on Tuesday over this

  • Hussle

    Hov stays droppin hot verses

  • brandonEP

    his verses did better than everybody’s albums this year

  • Miranda Garner

    Best beat, feature and one of the best songs of 2014. That chinese sample was ridiculous.