’14 Best Mixtapes #1: Rich Gang ‘Rich Gang Tha Tour Pt. 1’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 7, 2015 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Streets In A Headlock.

Birdman got his mojo back turning Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan into a super rap group. Man, the impact of this body of work is still being felt. Nothing’s been the same in YMCMB since. Sorry Weezy.

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  • choco prince

    only #1 rapradar got right

  • el jim chapo guzman

    bias ass site why this shit one, this shit should’ve been number 18.

    • bcro31

      I blame niggas born after 1995 for this shit.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        lol facts.

      • Mylo

        On me… This wasn’t bad at all but #1? Smh

    • Shock

      How do you even know what mix tapes are good or not? You don’t understand the lyrics anyways, old ” English is me fifth language ” mutherfucker

      • el jim chapo guzman

        fuck you.

  • Cheechdon

    HOW NIGGA HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SJB

      Because dumb shit like this will bring RR traffic this week.

    • do_betta

      Brothers in the year 3000 gonna be like ” I wonder what my ancestors thought represented the best of mixtape hip hop in 2014″… Hahahah niggas gonna be looking at us like we look at Those people who thought women and people of color can’t vote hahahah,,


    these rap radar list are just a popularity contest. like no underground/independent artists dropped anything hot all year??? I bet YN and B.Thot don’t even believe these lists but they won’t get there precious views and retweets and post on Facebook unless they put all the popular artists. So just take these lists as they are…shit…complete shit


    let me guess the top 2 songs of 2014 were hot nigga and coco???

    • Da Business

      I mean, yeah…

      It’s fucked up but, it is what it is.

      • Jet$

        are those to BEST songs? or the most popular? there is a difference

        • Da Business

          Bruh, do urself a favor and scroll all the way up and peep the name of this website. Than, ask urself that same question.


          • Jet$

            peep the title of the post tho. they say ’14 best. don’t feed me shit and call it the best. if its the most popular then say ’14 most popular. noone in their right mind can say any bars from those two songs are the “best” all year

        • Shock

          Defining the best song is impossible, considering the subjectivity of an opinion. You have to use objective standards like the most popular for a list like this.

  • Mylo


  • jmc

    faces wasnt even on the list… how lol

    • ITS ME

      Which was Easily in top 5 if not top 3 mixtapes of the year too.


      Noone would share that post on Facebook or twitter thats why. great mixtape just not popular enough for rap radar. you want rap coverage go to 2dopeboyz

  • areuserious

    these are the same niggas that said 28 grams was a top mixtape of 2014. wtf fuck @b.dot fuck @elliottwilson

  • ITS ME

    I liked this mixtape but it definitely wasn’t number 1

  • JT

    Hell. NAH.

  • wtf is this shit

    everyday these list are exposing these rap radar fuckboyz who calls themselves “journalist”. nah y’all are just front running, bandwagon, say anything to fit in, hype beast, amateur internet bloggers

  • Truth.B.Told

    There’s not a single person in the whole world cosigns this shenanigans.
    You catering to motherfuckers born AFTER Pac died for web hits plus y’all stay trolling the people paying for ya sites internet connection.
    Fake ass fuckery like this the reason reason hip hops in shambles.
    Have some integrity

    • tec1

      Integrity in 2015 is unheard of

  • smh

    anyone else know another place i can find hip hop news? I’m done supporting this fuckery

    • tec1

      I’m with you bro
      Fuck YN

    • do_betta


    • Sway


    • kudahfee

      You sound like a bitch who do you think should’ve got mixtape of the year. And why do you even give a fuck I guarantee you ever other hip-hop website has this as at least top 5 if not number 1 & that’s if they are even rating mixtape of the year.

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        it had a couple great songs on it…but #1? only reason they got this is because YN and BDot know that Thugger and RHQ are gonna be makin HITS next year…so YN wants them on CRWN and all that other bs opportunist shit he does

    • cmonhomiewemajor


    • true story no lie

      Allhiphop hiphopdx sohh. Audio mack.

    • Emil Wagenius


    • Greenbergs

      word to keep it a hunned i didnt even know half this bullshit came out and im actually appreciative of that..

    • Johnnie Rawker

      ambrosiaforheads. great editorials on there

    • Public Hairs

      HipHopDX does year end lists too and they are WAY more credible and not nearly as hung up on commercial trend following as this site.

  • really tho

    seems like all they did was take a poll at local middle and high schools. and post the results from that.

  • Datduderay

    Only reason is because of the beats. Im not a person that likes downsouth music that much, but i had to download part 1 nd part 2. Strictly for the beats. Cause i cant recite the shit young thug nd rich home quan be saying

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Only folks with a Forrest Gump or lower IQ can decipher it.

  • Jet$

    Young thug and Rich Homie Quan are a super group now??? combined they have sold 0.0 albums worldwide. This nigga YN calling these niggas a super group before they have done anything.

  • Boss

    How about they change the title to ’14 most popular mixtapes

  • guest

    This mixtape list is shit.

  • FuckRapRADAR

    CYHI THE PRYNCE The Black Hystori Project Was the Mixtape of the year…
    Rap Radar Your list is complete and utter Horseshit… Bdot And Elliot wilson Both of you are fucking clowns . If i ever run into You ill say it to your face..

    • Real shit

      they don’t care. they are trying to get a rich gang crwn so they can sell tickets to a interview. fuck rap radar for real. they only website like this that shits on the culture so obviously for exposure and money


    @ YN

    Birdman got his mojo back turning Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan into a super rap group. Man, the impact of this body of work is still being felt. Nothing’s been the same in YMCMB since. Sorry Weezy.





    • dead

      hahahaha this man said yellow scum

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL



        • YOUNG NIGGA

          take it easy on idiot “YN” wilson. that laguardia community college degree yellow motherfucker can’t comprehend real music. young thug rich homie can and bird man are right at his intelligence level.

    • cmonhomiewemajor


  • #IDGT



    what does birdshit contribute to this group? why are these young guys who are not even signed to YMCMB just giving up their songs to this 45 year old weirdo knowing his long history of bad business and not paying ANYONE?

    • MrSkeezyMak

      To fund their drugs and skirts.

  • drewsmit24

    Nah G that shit wasnt better than… days before rodeo. How the fuck are birdman features better than anything?

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Young thug is a mumbling retard… what the fuck.

  • PhilLee8

    Sad day in rap when you got this bullshit as #1.

  • Selfmade95_

    Not fucking with this website no more pure bullshit !! Smh

  • blackbeltbreeze

    Welp…i like the “pussy so wet she gotta dry it outdoors” line and the soulful committed way he delivered it. But I don’t like this unashamed attempt to create another character to take Wayne’s space. Thug was a trippy trap indie circuit cat just two years ago. Beloved by pitchfork and pigeons and planes. Now he’s the new high fashion spokesman for the bloods. Sumn bout the smile don’t match the handshake on this one.

  • IKEEPIT100

    This yellow fucking waffer looking mother fucker..seriously this site is going to complete shit..fuck this hump back bitch!

  • Jake Zero

    Their next tape gon’ be called; ‘Nail Polish, Drugs & Uggs’.

  • GetReal

    i actually dont agree with this but i love that these old ass niggas on the site got their panties up in a bunch they probably having heart attacks talking about never coming back to the site LMFAO get your bitch ass on then

  • Ced

    Don’t blame RR for the list. 2014 was just a weak year for rap music..

  • diggz

    Trappin out the bando!

  • yorapper


  • lmao YN u wild for this . rocjh homie quan and young thug? these niggas killing hip hop and how the fuck you goons gonna leave mick jenkins out ?

  • if its one thing i learned about RR is they just ride the dicks of whoever is making moves regardless if they can rap or make music thats listenable fuck it if they getting talked about they good right ?

  • Joe Kerr

    people really still expect good things of these cretins?

  • Prophecy617

    This the best mixtape of 2014?!?….Hell NO!!! CyHi’s Black Hystori Project was the best mixtape of 2014!

  • KoldCase

    for you motherfuckers to not even put Mick Jenkins – The Water[s] as number 1 let alone in the top 10 is complete and utter bullshit


    The reason Cyhi The Prynce Black Histori Mixtape wasn’t on this list is beyond me and just shows the kind of bullshit Rapradar is on. SMH

  • jussayin

    YN is right about the impact of this album is serious…try and go to any club and not hear a rich gang joint. But YN took it too far by comparing it to anything weezy’s done. As if weezy didnt shut the game down when he dropped the dedication. I personally think Elliot makes these outlandish statements just to fuck wit us….(i hope)

  • vernblockrepresentr

    im done with this fucking site this fucking nigga is so llost in hiphop that he made this number 1 thinkin us young niggas would agree… clown

  • JoeMaMa


  • JMcL

    too bad young thug and rich homie suck. you should be thanking the producers. ppl listen to them because of the dope beats. not lyrics.

  • This album is cold to me. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by YMCMB living this Miami liiiiiiifestyyyyyle……

  • Wait….. #1 ???? Disregard my last comment.

  • 2dopeboyz list is much more credible. Keep in mind Elliott Wilson is 55.

  • ₭i₦₲ ₵$₡

    Where is Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo? That was best mixtape this year. F*** RapRadar.