’14 Best Mixtapes #4: Travi$ Scott ‘Days Before Rodeo’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 7, 2015 @ 3:00 PM EDT

Still Bunkin’.

The oddball of the Houston hip-hop scene continued to evolve with his strongest collection of tracks to date. The rapper/producer shined with Big Sean on “Don’t Play” and rose to greater heights with Young Thug on the Metro Boomin-produced “Skyfall”. Although you can still hear him finding his way, Scott is a true talent. Straight up.

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  • K.I.

    Easily top 2 or 3. Shit bangs & is so consistent and creative. La Flame is only getting better too.

  • Don P

    Interested in seeing what tapes you rank higher than this. This shit was straight flames!

    • K.I.

      I’m saying tho…

    • RT_OG

      *La Flames

    • Right this was the best shit of the year. STRAIGHT UP !

    • CHYI gotta be #1 then

    • KingPush

      absolutely!! best mixtape ever made
      straight up!!!

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Hottest out of Houston!!!

  • Stanfield

    Man fuck all these ’14 best of lists. 2015 is here now and nobody cares about lists that should’ve been posted last year.

  • RT_OG

    Say what you want about the rating, but the stand out parts of this project aren’t at all highlighted in the post. Feels like it was slept on a little.

  • Not a Kanye-Stan

    Cilvia Demo better be #1

    • Billy Kincaid

      Cilvia Demo is an album, not a mixtape.

      • Not a Kanye-Stan

        It’s condisered an EP, but it wasn’t on their top albums list, so I’m assuming it’s gonna be here since it was better than most of the trash albums that came out this year

        • Billy Kincaid

          Cilvia Demo is not an EP. That’s a TDE naming thing they do (re: Kendrick Lamar EP).

          It has 14 tracks, with a running time of 49 minutes. It’s an album.

          That being said, this site hasn’t started their Top 10 albums yet.

  • Da Business

    Dope tape. Hopefully, Cyhi gets some love for The Black History joint, doubt it tho.



  • olu

    should be no. 1

  • ma

    this one was the best !!!

  • vsvplionheart

    Who ever is rating these bull shit list is not a real hip hop or real music

  • el jim chapo guzman

    mixtape was aight

  • Underrated

    Wtfg!!?? most bunkin mixtape ever


    I listen to this mixtape everyday since it dropped and it aint stale yet!! Gonna be regarded as a classic one day

  • Your Father

    This was dope but Travi$ clearly stated this is NOT a mixtape so why is it on this list

  • This is number one no questions. Im losing hope in RR

  • yorapper

    And the #1 mixtape is Jay Z’s S.Dot Collection!

    You guys are trippin’ if this ain’t number 1 tape of 2014.

  • GetReal

    this definitely deserved to be number you niggas shit outta your minds, shy glizzy young jefe shouldve been on here too