’14 Best Singles #7: Dej Loaf “Try Me”

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 8, 2015 @ 12:00 PM EDT

Push Your Luck.

While this year’s female MC conversation was littered with Nicki vs Iggy debates, a newcomer from the D came along and broke through. Loaf’s melodic tune is a great first step. Let’s hope there’s more hits to come.

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  • GetReal


  • yorapper

    I’d rather listen to that Negrofied Aussie with the Fat Ass.

  • Jax

    Ah yes. What an inspiring song for today’s youth.

  • the DOCTOR

    She’s completely untalented, worthless and ugly. I bet Elliott sings this song in the shower.

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      shes not ugly at all..you blind bruh? go on her ig

      • the DOCTOR

        You’re right, she looks like the young BeyoncĂ©.

        • Guest

          Stop lying! She looks like the female Royce Da 5’9

    • jussayin

      idk what her looks have to do with the music but…honestly..i think she’s sexy as hell. Just watch the first 30 seconds of the try me video…she’s in some nice lingerie…i would try dat ass in a second

    • BEE

      You could as well be describing yourself.

  • Kendrick I song better be number 1

    • IKEEPIT100

      That songs a joke , keep it moving kendrick stanz…shits trash nobody bumps that shit

      • I like it, Kendrick is not my favorite rapper out but he is okay, I just don’t get how people hate that song, he talks about real shit about depression and loving yourself. I am not a Kendrick Stan trust me the only rapper I stan for is Kanye, 2pac, Nas. I’ll admit I’ll Admit it.

    • Da Business

      That’s not happening bruh, this is the same site that thought Drake’s Versace verse was a better than Kendrick’s Control verse last year. Don’t hold ur breath.

      • Bruh that Drake Versace was hard I know it is the cool think to hate on the lightskin Keith sweat but Kendrick verse was only talk about because he diss people. Think about if he didn’t diss anyone that verse would of been a good verse that is it.

        • Da Business

          He didn’t diss anyone on that track. If anything it was a salute to the other emcees mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, I fux w/ Drake heavy, he’s the Jay Z of this era but, he’s not the only one moving the culture forward. RR sometimes tho, makes it seem like Drake is the only one doing it.

          • Kendrick”I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you niggas
            Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas”

            Bruh he was throwing shots K.Dot knew what he was doing he is smart nigga I give him that. Came off a Critical Acclaim GKMC a year later when Control drop and he position himself to be in the forefront of rap.

            Drake only get love on RR trust me other sites shit on Drake all the time but will say he is dope, but just don’t like him.

          • Da Business

            Look @ it this way, out of everyone mentioned on that joint, Drake and everyone “not” mentioned took offense to the record.

            He basically was saying that “I got love for u all” but I’m going to out rap and perform u so, don’t sleep. I’m coming for the crown.

            Hip Hop is and will remain a competitive sport. For the most part, it’s all love but everyone wants to be King.

        • PREMERE

          Agreed kendric is ovrrrated, he is nice dont get me wrong but he is definetly overrated…..

          • Da Business

            C’mon bruh, really???

          • PREMERE

            Yes i think he is overrated, like i said he is nice but overrated…..

          • Da Business

            I’ll take the bait, y do u feel that way, I’m curious. Out of the new crop of emcees doing it now on a large scale, u have Drake, K.Dot, and Cole. I’ll throw Sean in there as my wild card. So, Kendrick being overrated is a bit of a stretch my G.

          • PREMERE

            Nah my g no bait, ok the rap landscape right now is full of garbage right now with the exception of the rappers you mentioned and kendric. With that being said kendric comes out and he is nice in a time where rap is garbage, the criteria is is low right now plus the west hasnt had a true spitter like him in a while. Put all those things together and he is overrated. Gkmc is a dope album but a classic i dont know, albums dont hit claasic status over night but rather by it standing the test of time which gkmc hasnt yet…

          • Da Business

            Idk bruh, gkmc is a modern day classic by all accounts, It’s the best lp since Kanye’s MDTF and there hasn’t been a joint since than that has been as good. I respect ur opinion tho.

          • PREMERE

            I respect yours as well, but for me to give the tittle of classic to an album it has to stand the test if time, nowadays deeming something a classic is thrown around losely…


      Hot nigga better then that garbage…..

  • Abe6772

    I cant belive this song landed on any best list… Wtf

  • daffysci

    this single blew up, what are yall talking about?

  • el jim chapo guzman

    The hook blew up.

  • Everybody

    Smh! Look at the cover of this single? You want change? Then stop promoting ish like this! Flashing guns and promoting violence is what’s wrong the culture. These are the same people that are handing out turkeys and toys during the holidays which is a double standard.





    Shes a 1 hit wonder, cant wait for her to fade away already…..

  • BEE

    Niggas so broke and sad on this site, song is dope as hell. I aint surprise u aint turning up with you friends to this cos u probably aint got no friends.