’14 Worst Singles #1: Iggy Azalea “Fancy”

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 9, 2015 @ 6:00 PM EDT


Mustard on the beat, hoe? No. But thanks to a pulsating groove and a catchy hook from Charli XCX, Iggy ran the world with one of the globe’s biggest hits. But it ain’t in our rotation. Sorry, Tip.

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  • Batman

    Havent even heard this before watching that vid. I like the verses

  • diggz

    lol so a song that’s up for a grammy gets worst song of the year. ok

    • BrickDaddyKane

      So the fuck what its up for a Grammy? That don’t make the song good cuz some old out of touch white folks who only listen to the rap they play on Z100 aka Macklemore, Iggy & Eminem.

      • PDP

        ^^ This dude sounds like every other UNINFORMED critic…

      • diggz

        so you’re putting macklemore and eminem in the same sentence as Iggy? sounds like a racist prick to me. I don’t like Iggy but seems like she’s getting a little over the top hate. whatever you sound dumb and ignorant.

      • ChinoX813

        It doesn’t make it bad just because those people support it either,

        Don’t get me wrong, the bitch is garbage. But saying this was the worst song of the year?? Nah, that’s just an overdose of the “Everybody is against this bitch now so lets hop on the bandwagon and shit on her as fast as we can to stay hip” trend that’s going on right now.

      • kirk

        Defend anaconda please! Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  • At least I can agree with this one. Iggy came to my college a couple years ago and it was one of the worst rap performances I’ve ever seen, except when someone tried to finger her, that was gold.

    • MIKEY FRESH! fk yo feelings

      it was you bama u filthy pervert

      • Is there a reason for switching between ‘u’ and ‘you’ or are you just bad at spelling?

  • Sean Power

    I think this better than anaconda, but i understand it you didn’t out her you would get blast by many so you had too

  • ChinoX813

    I dont even like the song but their is no way it’s worst of the year. It’s not even HER worst single this year, that other one I can’t think of the name is way worse, and so is that “Mediocre” joint with Tip.

    Rapradar just playing Follow the leader on the trend to shit on this bitch and figured they’d put hers as the absolute worst to seem hip and generate arguments. She sucks but she’s no worse then alot of others.

    • I agree Iggy is terrible but I mean I heard worst than this single. When seh win the grammys I hope she shit on everyone and tell everyone to kiss her fat white ass.

    • Stanfield

      This low budget rap radar site is just flat out hating. Too bad for them nobody outside of New York will see their posting.

    • T r i l l Snitch Randal

      Anaconda was way worse waaaaaaayyyy worse

    • Greenbergs

      100% these dudes are literally just following the trend…i wonder what would happen if this shit with iggy was reversed with macklemore (after all a black dude probably writes all his shit anyways), what would b.dot do then….?

      • Azelia Banks

        Worst Single Of The Year!!!! COME ON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        This site really is losing there credibility with this one, they just ridding the wave BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! State your own opinions RapRadar this was super LAME

    • SPAC36ODD

      I’m so glad I came here and saw this as the top comment – These niggas at RapRadar have no fucking chill.

      I guess making Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda #2 was a way to make up for it – but it’s just like the Macklemore shit, I would’ve loved to come on here and see his #1 single as the #1 worst of 2013’s music.

      Yaaaaaawn, let’s throw away the biased opinions and focus on numbers!


    Yall stay shitting on iggy. I hope she shits on yall in one of her probably five GRAMMY speeches

  • Your Father

    You guys at RR are hypocrites. Only now that the world’s against Iggy are you letting your true feelings be known. You were riding the wave before all this white privilege talk started.







  • Fuck this talentless bitch. T.I pulling off his best Jay Z rendition. In spite of the Culture… Accept this L HOE!

    • ChinoX813

      Like getting a poor review on this site is any kind of “L” lmao

      This shit ain’t the Source in the 90’s bruh, Rapradars declaration ain’t making or breaking anybody

  • PDP

    C’mon man. I thought we were looking at music objectively? There is no way that this was the worst hip hop single of ’14. Seems like you are picking sides in the Iggy vs. EVERYONE battle haha. Honestly, this song is better than Anaconda and countless other hiphop singles that came out in 2014.

    You lost ALOT of points with this one, bruh.

  • kudahfee

    Wow how the hell is this the worst song of the year I guarantee you if nicki had the same exact song hook & everything it would be song of the year. Anaconda was undoubtedly the worst shit this year. This shit seems like a agenda to me worst song & album huh. Like you muthafuckas wasn’t bopping to this shit in the club all last year. As much hate as this broad gets every hip-hop website voted this at least as top 10 single of the year. I guess rap radar is apart of the fuck iggy bandwagon dam shame.

    • Anaconda was terrible surprise it wasn’t on the list.I guess YN need those crown series going with nicki.LMAO

    • Stanfield


  • When she win those grammys Y’all gonna look stupid. I hope Iggy tell every one who hate her to kiss her fat white ass. I don’t like the bitch but damn all this hate is getting out of hand.

    • diggz


      • Listen I don’t care for Iggy but these people act like Iggy is destroying hip hop, how one white bitch can do that.SMH

        • ChinoX813

          It’s amazing how much power they attribute to this silly ass bitch. Let’s get real, Eminem is far more talented, sold more records then anybody and became the most over-exposed star of his era……..And even still, Rap is primarily dominated by blacks on the radio and on TV with a few white faces showing up here and there. Iggy record ain’t even sell gold and folks really wanna throw tantrums and act lke she stole their favorite toy. People think so little of themselves they actually believe she’s capable of that. SMH

          • diggz

            yeah I honestly hated Iggy with a passion when I heard this song and others, but all these dumb fucks hating on her for no reason actually makes me like her more. I think they should be worring about OT Genesis ruining hip hop or whatever that dumb fucks name is that made the coco song that doesn’t even sell coco! haha

          • Word niggas act like Iggy, Mack adn Em is going to join forces and take over rap.LMAO In the 50 or the 60s when white people dominate music industry and stole from blacks it was easy to do but in this day in age, Rap will never be all white just like basketball will never be all white.

    • Eddie

      What Grammy’s? 🙂

  • diggz

    She hot doe

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Fuck you Rapradar your trying to play iggy on some bull shit.


    Rap Radar is showing us their true colors….Totally biased and racist.So disappointed.Thought you guys were real.You cats put Nicki on a pedestal and she is so unoriginal and her lyrics could be worse than most femcees…That chicken cutlet line proved it.You guys support Frauds like Trick False and praise wack motherfuckers like Young Thug…Please RR.Big FAIL!!!No I do not like the song but,you cats have balls dissin this girl while you support a long list of wackiness.


    i dont even consider this a hip-hop song you should have called out some rappers for their wack songs and albums instead.

  • yorapper

    It’s hard to defend her, but this song was dope for like a few weeks in 2014.

  • Rena

    Come on. I can’t stand Iggy but Fancy does not belong on this list at all. The beat was great raven if her flow was wack.

  • Stanfield

    If “Fancy” was the worst single of 2014 it wouldn’t have been #1 in multiple countries and sold 5 million singles. Iggy Azalea is way above this local small time NY based biased rap radar website.

  • disdiq

    What you groupie ass niggas fail to realize is that this song is a terrible rap song. Everyone that likes this song likes it because of the hook. I’m sure nobody can quote one line from this gahbage. ” Who dat who dat? I G G Y!” ??? really nigga? and this coming from an Iggy fan. I’m still waiting for anonymous to drop that sex tape video breh

    • FREE MAX B

      have you ever heard this song on a rap station? i havent

      • disdiq

        Is she not a rap artist? Is she not rapping in her verses? Wtf argument are you making?

        • GetReal

          these niggas are retarded b and a bunch of faggots

  • kirk

    Who knew hip hop was so racist? I can’t get into her but what she does is no different than Nicki Minaj. This leads me to believe this is strictly based on her skin color. RapRadar is just as racist as the rest of these so called hip hop people who focused all their hate on this chick out of jealousy and envy I suspect.



  • Free Agentz

    Man y’all tripping, that single was hot!! Mediocre or Anaconda should have got worst single.

  • JefferyDamnHer

    agreed… bitch has no good music at fucking all. lets get that sex tape though. who playin

    • rapradarsox

      When did you get out of jail, Jeffrey?

      • JefferyDamnHer

        whe your mom finally bailed a nigga out. I told that bitch fuck your xbox live subscription, come get me

  • T r i l l Snitch Randal

    Brian know he was jamming to this drunk in the club last year #exposed


    its funny because RR stills posts everything she does, they got 11 pages of Iggy going back 3 years at least

  • ITS ME

    This is so fucking stupid. Maybe next year you fucks should put polls out and let the PEOPLE vote. Because your lists fucking suck. It’s all bias. Whatever YOU didn’t like made it on the ‘worst’ list and whatever YOU did like made it on the ‘best’ list. I can’t take 98% of these polls seriously RR. I’m not even the biggest fan of this song, but God damn, it was definitely one of the best singles of the year. The shit still gets played….

  • sfhn



    this s*** is racistshe could have been the worst

  • Javi

    Of course they pick one of the top three grossing hip hop songs of the year. smh


    And the worst hip-hop web site is rapradar.com
    This hate-all-things-Iggy campaign gotta stop. I’m glad a lot of commenters see through Rap Radar biased opinion.

  • LAME

    RapRadar needs to stop the bullshit….We ALL know Iggy only one album away from doing a CRWN interview with that dicksucker YN.

  • Truth.B.Told

    Only one real reason this shouldn’t be on this list or this website.
    The bitch makes POP records.
    This is RapRadar isn’t it?
    So for all your trashing of Iggy,(albeit rightfully so when she claims to be Hip Hop), you mentioning her in the same supposedly credible breath in any form, good or bad, is just spreading her bullshit and keeping her relevant longer.
    Let her have that pop lane, that shit ain’t US……. it isn’t me anyways….Stop falling for that trap.

  • GetReal

    I’m convinced you bitch ass niggas on this site complain about everything one day y’all hate iggy now y’all on her dick tryna cape for her, shut the fuck up

  • jussayin

    How is this worse than ananconda tho?

  • Damien Rome

    You guys are fuckin’ bugging. The Iggy extra hate is too real. Obviously nobody rates Iggy lyrically, but how the fuck is this the worst single?? A single is supposed to do numbers, this did big numbers. Go look at the backpacking clowns yall worship that attempted a catchy single and failed miserably. If we’re talking SINGLES, Nicki fuckin failed. That pills n potion was slow and extra, Anaconda is a joke.

    This unnecessary iggy hate’s got us all fucked up. We all want to hate on Iggy with a reasonable amount of hate that a pretty pop rapper deserves from a Hip Hop head, but instead we’re out here defending her. All fucked up.

  • Truth Be Told

    Agree 100% Worst song of the decade.