’14 Worst Singles #4: O.T. Genasis “CoCo”

Written By: @BdotTM January 9, 2015 @ 3:30 PM EDT

Bacon Soda.

OT Genasis is in love with it, but we aren’t. His earworm chorus and bad Tony Montana impersonation were enough for us to say no to drugs.

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  • bottom side inc

    This isn’t number 1? A nigga who made a song about something he clearly said he never sold? Where Rampage at? Where’s Reek Da Villain? Busta lost allllllll my respect for cosigning this bullshit.


      Reek the villain is nice…..

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Busta would probably make a crazy facial expression if he saw this post

  • Hussle

    This song is garbage

  • king_of_kings

    but “hot nigga” one of the best singles of ’14? okay now I know rapradar don’t have any opinions worth a damn


      I agree that this song is garbage but u cant put hot nigga as the best single and this as worst. Damn b.dot at least be consistently retarded

    • yeah

      The buzz that song had is undeniable. But really don’t be so hurt b, there wasn’t really many good singles out this year anyway

    • wow

      This is very senisble! Can’t disagree with you on this… I like all of the records for what they are but you can’t say “We dem boyz” and “Coco” weak but give Hot nigga record of the year, you just cant.

    • yorapper

      Good argument. “Coco” is technically better sounding if you ask me.

  • guest

    but hot nigga was the best single?? Yall niggas all confused lol


      Right…exactly what I was gonna say

    • JefferyDamnHer

      hot nigga and this do not compare. EVERYONE was doing the shmoney dance and knew every word to the song. coco is bullshit

  • The only thing good about this damn song is the second video with that fine ass Latina Jessica Vanessa I had to put that shit on mute tho. Yes Lawd Jessica Vanessa is fine.

    • diggz

      they should of put that video here instead of that garbage




    • diggz

      bahahaha ok good one

  • Colonel Mustafa

    I cannot wait to see what # 1 was. Only thing that saves this post is if they put 360 as #1!

  • Ocho

    The song is terrible… but it has to be a top single of 2014 lol… cmon man.. U can’t turn a corner without hearing the song or somebody singing the damn Hook!!… Even the video of Busta falling over during the performance should make a top list!! lmao.. That shit was classic

  • But Migos had one of the best mixtapes ?! I hate lists because there is NO criteria. Shit be mad personal.

    #SSS #TAGMG http://bit.ly/1BIXKjN

  • diggz

    lol this shit is so wack, I fuckin hate when I hear people singing this, especially girls, they sound so dumb

  • MIKEY FRESH! fk yo feelings

    I couldn’t help but sing this chorus and so did u bamas so stfu!! FK yo feelings bamas!!

    • Mr Esco aka Mr. SUNY Fredonia white boy who only knows one insulting term and is merely a wanna be mac Diesel.

      • MIKEY FRESH! fk yo feelings

        Mac dick on ur breath bama I can’t stand u or that fk boi…wanna be mac lmao ur on his dick not me u filthy bama…wit ur struggle raps

        • you’re the one literally imitating Mac’s style so I think if anyone had his dick on their breath it would be you sucka… try making a post without using the word ‘bama’ for once you ignorant fuck!

          • Jax

            Try making a post without posting your fuckin bandcamp link. Struggle rapper.

          • MIKEY FRESH! fk yo feelings

            Ignorant lmao u fkn bama with ur struggle raps I study music getting a good education ur on the net sweating my bozak dude..stay off my comments fk boi

          • lmao u think stalking Rap Radar counts as studying music, I see you have evolved from calling me ‘bama’ to ‘fuck boi’ though, bold move.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Hot piece of shit.

    • diggz


  • DJ_Gayburn

    It’s about time y’all got something right!!!

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    It’s only OK to have stupid choruses about drugs when you’re Rick Ross.

  • Dsunn

    streets love this new york to cali

  • Abe6772

    This song revived hip hop, HANDS DOWN.

  • Zahara

    This song has no integrity whatsoever. Remind me again why it’s being played on the radio? No wonder kids today can’t get their head straight. They look up to people singing about coke like its a usual norm. So much for looking up to someone ( I thought that’s what musicians, any genre, are supposed to be). Sad to see that all the hard work Martin Luther King and/or Rosa Parks had to fight for in terms of freedom of speech is waisted on telling the world you love coke. Way to go OT. You sure are worth every penny (wink).