’15 Best Beats #5: Timbaland ‘Untouchable’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 5, 2016 @ 2:00 PM EDT

That Don’t Bounce

Production-wise he’s a certified hit maker but Timbo The King gets dark and dirty for his VA brethren here with dark, creepy keys and neck-snapping snares. It’s all good, baby-baby!—EW

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    I agree.

  • Gargemels tracksuit

    No question

  • Jumpman

    I can’t believe it. Timbaland fell off hard. I prefer London on da Track, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, and Southside.

    • Guest

      Shut up, Sonic! You’re having another identity crisis. #TakeYourMeds

      • Jumpman

        Trap is the future of hip hop music, old ass nigga.

        • Guest

          You’re not fooling anybody, Sonic! Multiple personality having ass weirdo. 3 words 3 syllables – Take. Your. Meds!

          • Jumpman

            You may be mentally exhausted, if you think trap is not art.

          • Guest

            All signs point to mentally unstable! And you know exactly why. “Trap” isn’t what I am addressing here: It’s the fact that you need help. Stop trolling with Young Thug propaganda under yet ANOTHER profile name? How many does this make it? Seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY. #TakeYourMeds

          • Jumpman

            And this shit isn’t what I am addressing here, bitch. This is a rap site, stop trolling.

          • Guest

            Who’s really trolling here? You’re on a Timbo article posting Young Thug and trap propaganda again? #PillsAreGood

      • Shock

        Are you Sonic? If not, why are you following him on every post and commenting? You just as weird as him. There are too many trolls on here, nigga can’t even enjoy the DaMN posts for clowns like you two (or one)

    • Frank Yoster

      Dumb fuk

  • Da Business


  • The Incredible Creation

    Who’s Kid Soul then? =/

  • Tomas Anthony

    okayy now we’re talking

  • Azine

    He didn’t really do much, the beat is identical to “Skinny – Gunshot” (2014)

    • thedeamkid19

      deam right

    • Shock

      Who? Stop promoting your bs

  • Captain Jack

    Yeah this goes hard

  • thedeamkid19

    minimalistic and dark, good shit

  • Shock

    Deserves to be higher

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    I like the organic nature , perfect for Pusha – but not everyone could flow on it