’15 Best Guest Verses #1: Drake ‘Blessings’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 5, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Way Up.

Big Sean ascended on “All Me,” so Drake returns the favor here with the year’s strongest hook and vivid bars that detail his feelings on the Grammys and the press. Bless!—EW

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  • Tomas Anthony

    at least they got #1 right here lol

  • 400_Degreez

    I’m just glad it wasn’t “My Way”

    • Reggie

      That verse on My Way was fire though…Launched that song to a hit

  • ImKing

    This is very inaccurate IMO. The best guest verse that should’ve Been #1 is Kendrick on Jidenna “Classic Man Remix, but we all know RR licks Drake’s ass after sucking the blood out of his dick. PeAcE.

    • The Gary Group

      Agreed on the Kendrick part

      • ImKing

        What about the other part? Lol

        • The Gary Group

          You know better than me my guy

    • Harlem’s Finest

      Nigga I feel you, but wow Drake didn’t even out rap Sean with his verse, how is it the best guest feature?

    • nah deep water on compton he went off

  • Tomas Anthony

    im def very surprised there was no Kendrick verse in the top 5 and everyone can thank Meek Mill for R.I.C.O being excluded lmaoo

    • which kendrick feature-verse would you say was the best of 2015?

      also, what song would u consider the best of 2015? any genre.

      • Winston Wolfe

        “Genocide” on the “Compton” and “Alright” for record of the year with Lupe’s “Mural” for the tie

      • Tomas Anthony

        i thought Kdot’s verse off Comptons “Deep Water” or “classic man” remix and song of the year is hard for any genre Kdot’s alright will be up there, Weeknd had hits this year like The Hills and Can’t Feel My Face that cant be ignored but if were talking hip hop gotta be Kdots alright or Wiz’s see you again before they start going with commercial tracks like Blase or Fetty Wap

        • those songs are undeniably Great. I can’t even begin to fathom the creation process for can’t feel my face and Alright is a timeless masterpiece for any true hip hop head.

          Although, and you may laugh, but “white iverson” was my FAVORITE (NOT the best song of 2015) – but my Favorite track of 2015.
          People loved it. Every party i went to everyone sang along and had a great time. Car rides can either be so lit listening to this song. Or even when you’re just cruising and trying to relax i find this track soothing. The most enjoyable was probably being drunk and singing along with all my drunken colleagues/peers.
          #generationalGap much?

          • Tomas Anthony

            couldnt agree more “white iverson” is a top 10 track of the year just like Blase and Fuck Up Some Commas

  • *Quentin Miller

    • Tomas Anthony


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    So we’re not going to mention King Los verse off Auction on Puff’s MMM project? Okay.

    • Just Kidding! Calm Down

      What about Slim Jesus dammit? Kid has BARS!

  • Da Business


  • el jim chapo guzman

    I agree drake verse was better than big Sean..

  • i agree..i like that verse.

  • Harlem’s Finest

    WHAT???? OMG the drake dick riding gotta stop. Big Sean’s verses either the first or second was 100xs better then drake’s. ARE U PEOPLE EVEN LISTENING ANY MORE???

    • Fistacuffs

      Sean’s verse isn’t a guest verse…

      • Dashing28

        I think the point was how can it be best featured verse often year when it was the worst verse on the song?

        • Harlem’s Finest

          Thank you!

    • Strong Enough

      how bout this. you study web design and make your own site then make your own list instead of complaining on here?

  • Ha! What’s so funny about this post is that Kanye killed the remix, so it’s not even like they picked the wrong song, they picked the wrong rapper!

  • Winston Wolfe

    No mention of Kendrick’s “Alright” is mad confusing especially during these times? Shit was uplifting to say the least! To each their own and this is their website so

    • Reggie

      Kendrick’s Alright? Read the category… best GUEST verses!!!

      • Winston Wolfe

        What I meant was that they didn’t mention Kendrick’s “Alright” at all on these lists? I see your point

  • i actually thought drake’s verse was pretty weak on this, flow and all.

  • Kris Kompute

    Wheres #2?

  • yeah

    Nah fam

  • Dashing28

    Chance the Rapper – Baby Blue
    Kendrick Lamar – Deep Water
    Lil Wayne – M$
    Kanye West – Smuckers

    None made the list and all were better than Drake’s verse

    • FOR REAL theres been many verses out this year that shit on drakes blessings verse but RR stay suckin a nut out of drake

  • Captain Jack

    Drake’s verse is average, I wasn’t impressed

  • Yamzislife

    First yall said he was dick riding meek mill n msg but now he dickriding Drake? Lol wtf yall on?

  • Khaleel

    I mean drake probably didn’t even write this…

  • idk

    Didn’t Kendrick and Wayne both have a gazillion fire features this year and you say drake’s verse on blessings is the best of the year? he didn’t even have the best verse on the song! hahahahahah y’all gotta get this nigga’s dick out of your mouth. lmfao this shit is getting rediculous

  • john

    Them not posting a Kendrick verse and saying drake had the best verse is them showing solidarity with drake after they said WATTBA was the most dissapointing project this year. These niggas is predictable

    • thedeamkid19

      exactly, they are compensating drake

  • Jumpman

    You can never go wrong with a Drake record or verse. Drake, the 6 God is about to continue his takeover with the game and the music industry. No other artists album are worth even talking about this year.

  • Brokeback Cowboy

    And this people is the only proof we need as to why hip hop is a complete and utter shitty mess

  • lol wasnt drakes feature on that tuesday song number 1 best verse last year or somethin ? lmao so this aint suprise me

  • i could list a shitload of verses much better but aight

  • i bet the RR office is full of drake posters and bobbleheads and at 12 pm they all gather in the lunch room to pray to 6 god

  • so this verse was better than eminem on medicine man? LOL im out

  • Americas worst nightmare

    EW got drake dick so far up his ass bruh smh

  • This verse was great but it should have an asterisk beside it.

  • Starlion

    Big Sean bodied that track with his 1st verse tho

  • GetReal

    all you bitch ass niggas do is complain every year how the list didnt accomadate your opinions, shut the fuck up and get over it, or better yet take your bitchassness to another site

  • CZO

    okay all i’m gonna say is that there were plenty of guest verses in 2015 that were better than Drakes was on this song. In my opinion, his verse isn’t even memorable. Honestly i think that this is bullshit.
    Off the top of my head a better guest verse that i can think of is Lil Wayne on Smuckers.

  • VernJ904

    Good verse but not #1 in my book… shid kdot verse on classic man is better! big Sean verse on meek mill b-boy was better and last COLE VERSE on cozz knock the hustle is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥