’15 Best Mixtapes #1: Future ’56 Nights’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 6, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Thanks, Esco

Still reeling off the success of Beast Mode, Future dropped this unexpectedly like bird shit during SXSW. Unbeknownst to most of us, DJ Esco was fresh off a bid in Dubai and this collection of tunes celebrated his return. Packed with “Never Gon Lose”, “March Madness”, “Trap Niggas” and the title track, the final piece of Future’s mixtape trilogy is clearly at the top where it belongs.—EW

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  • thedeamkid19

    without those beats he would be nothing, fuck this


      Shut up bitch

      • thedeamkid19

        ha, a future fan

        • Guest

          Lmfao! I’m sayin’

    • Guest

      Thank you! People don’t listen to Future for Future lmfao? Look at what Hopsin did with “No Words”. Same thing he was saying. Name a quotable from Future that is halfway coherent? Beats sell records in mainstream rap, period.

  • Frank Yoster

    Hahah without beats he would be terrible….its true what they say…rap is dead when the fans listen the beat more then the lyrics…future is gay!

    • Guest


  • el jim chapo guzman

    honestly 56 night was dope.

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  • diggz

    isn’t Dirty Sprite 2 better than this? guess I’ll have to give it a listen. how wasn’t DS2 on here though,lame

    • diggz

      ah maybe ds2 was a release. this 56 nights sounds sick though. Future FTW

  • Future is the worst.

    • Guest


  • Jay smoove

    i listened to this mixtape for the first time last week, and was unimpressed. All of Future’s songs sound the same to me. To each is own though.

    • Guest


  • LP1087

    …..” Fortay five by my gut “

  • Jiggawhojigga

    Bruh without 80 mafia features this mixtape would of shit. Future is a awful awwwwful “artist”. Arghhgrgnjfhhjjfjdhhd trapp niggas.

    • Katrina Lopez

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  • GetReal

    this shit bump

  • Brokeback Cowboy

    I hate future, not as a hater but as a lover of hip hop. This once again proves how bad the culture has become!

  • Jumpman

    This shit was dope as fuck. Future is the hottest nigga in the game.

    • Guest

      You’re STILL here, Sonic? Which personality are you today? Lmfao! Take your meds #PillsAreGood

      • Jumpman

        Yeah, I’m here. I’m not Sonic.

        • Guest

          Yes you are! You’re not fooling anybody. I feel sorry for you. You’re seriously fucking crazy. #PillsAreGood

  • Arizona Ron From Tucson

    So the Kanan tape didnt make the list lmmfao that shit was a weedplate along with all 3 of Futures wack ass mixtapes!

  • Shock


  • CZO

    Everybody over here saying that this was a terrible mixtape and that might be your opinion, but you guys just commenting on this shit sounding like some haters. I’m not saying don’t say the mixtape is wack, just tell us why it is instead of sounding like a straight up hater.

  • Room 222

    This is 2015 best mixtape? SMH.