’15 Best Mixtapes #4: Fabolous ‘Summer Time Shootout’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 6, 2016 @ 3:00 PM EDT

Loso Season

It’s safe to say at this point, Fab got the mixtape game mastered. This cleverly constructed tale deserves a bar code as Loso takes us on a wild winter ride with a young lady in Los Angeles. Sonically, the Young OG continues to effectively display his ability to touch on current trends while maintaing a expert sensibility.—EW

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  • Tomas Anthony

    yall just made me happy i didnt spazz earlier about this being left off n figured id wait n see till the 10 is out lmao

  • 400_Degreez

    Whoooaaaa??? #4? There are no 3 projects better than this… But i’m guessing Beast Mode, 56 Nights, and Black Dollar

    • Tomas Anthony

      u really think Black Dollar deserves top 3 tho??

      • 400_Degreez

        Most definitely *Ross voice*

        • Megamind



    • Harlem’s Finest

      Damn u nailed it

  • Da Business


  • Jumpman

    Fabolous again? This nigga is average as fuck. Where is Slime Season 2?

    • Guest

      In the trash like the rest of his wack mixtapes and there’s about 346 of them. Lmfao! Take your meds #PillsAreGood

      • Jumpman

        In the trash? Slime Season 1 is on the list, idiot.

        • Guest

          Yes! In the trash. Your angry because a pedophile isn’t getting shine? Calling children “sexy” on Instagram? Wearing all women’s clothing? All of your personalities won’t change the fact that Thong is wack af. Create as many profiles as you want, you’re still Sonic the Delusional Hedgehog! Or Flash or Jumpman or whatever Stan name you come up with next. 3 weeks ago you loved Kendrick’s album (out of nowhere like the crazy person that you are) telling people to go buy it and now you’re clowning it again on the Blacker the Berry post? What in the fuck is your point of being here? What’s with changing profiles all of the time if you’re just going to troll the same trap bullshit over and over? I’m the only one who hates you enough to call you out. You erase everything anyway? Zoloft not strong enough? Side effects of the lean addiction? #TakeYourMeds

        • Kimpconnell4

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    • Harlem’s Finest

      Whaaaaat? Smh please tell me you’re just trolling

      • Guest

        She is! It’s Sonic’s crazy ass with yet ANOTHER new profile? Bitch is nuttier than squirrel shit! Lmfao. Changing personalities more than a schizo! Take your meds, Sonic! #PillsAreGood

  • jayreeves

    hows it deserve a bar code elliot? you a clown g! shit was pretty straight forward to me. Dope tape. You lost it yn you fell off. Leave this shit to the younger niggas

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Well deserved I like this mixtape…



  • Jay smoove

    This mixtape was fire top to bottom. He putting in that work. 2 mixtapes in the top 10. Im glad RR acknowledged both

    • my dude the mixtape was okay, nothing “fire” about this mixtape, or the other one.

  • smmfh, where is Halloween Havoc 2? tbh this whole list is trash, this shows you how much not in tune this site really is.

  • im starting to see why the name “radar” is the title of this site.

  • This tape was trash….Smh

    • Da Business

      Stop it.

      • …Same level of trash as No Ceilings 2