’15 Best R&B Albums #1: The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 6, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Let The Madness Begin

The Toronto man who brought you House of Balloons, righted the wrongs of his debut Kiss Land with this hit-filled masterwork. Abel went mainstream but didn’t lose his edge or allure. From the booming ballads like “The Hills” to bringing Kanye production back on “Tell Your Friends,” to getting his Michael Jackson on on “Can’t Feel My Face”, America found a new unlikely king of Pop.—EW

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  • GhostofHueyNewton

    A new King of Pop LMAOOOOOO

  • Site is a joke, left out August again on the R&B list! And calling this nigga the new king of pop is wayyyyy too big of an overstatement. Fxck this site, i’mma start my own $#!+ and name it http://www.hiphopsonar.com, and me, mac Diesel and Esco gon run that $#!+ just to spite you!

    • Guest

      Esco? Michael? The gyro bender? You mean mac DIESEL 2.0? The kid who completely bit mac’s whole online persona with a retard twist? That Esco? FOH

  • el jim chapo guzman

    fuck this list let’s get back to the original program.

  • Harlem’s Finest

    I can’t even stunt! This album was pretty incredible. I haven’t bought an r&b album in a min, but I had to cop this one

    • Kimpconnell4

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  • Guest

    Agreed. The Weeknd is extremely over-exposed at this point but this album was dope besides that “In the Night” record. Shit was a corny attempt at trying to rekindle that MJ flame.

  • Da Business

    I agree, they slept on that Rico Love tho.

    • Guest

      His name alone is mad corny though? Sounds like an 80’s wedding DJ lol “And you are? The name’s Rico. Rico Love!” Lmfao?

      • Winston Wolfe

        Lol but in all seriousness the kid has talent!

      • Da Business

        Lol, I feel ya. Lp was dope tho.

      • Room 222


  • F*ck Drake

    Did y’all forget about Ego Death? The Internet made an amazing R&B/Soul album. Definitely top 3.

    P.S. AND JEREMIH!?!? Fuck outta here with him.


    In my opinion this was a great album although Bryson Tiller should be number one, Ego Death number 2 and the Weeknd number 3.