’15 Disappointing Albums #1: Drake & Future ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

Written By: @BdotTM January 4, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EDT

No Time.

In theory, it sounded like a good idea. But in practice, things didn’t turn out the way we expected. Aside from a few highlights, Drake and Future’s chemistry just isn’t combustible. United they stand, divided, they’re probably better off.

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  • Kris Kompute

    BULLSHIT! This shit slaps! “Live From The Gutter” and “Big Rings” are top 10 songs in 2015. “30 for 30” might be some of the best verses of his career.

    And I don’t even fuck with Drake!

    • jayreeves

      big rings was annoying af what u talkin bout

      • Kris Kompute

        Club banger!

        • Harlem’s Finest

          That’s so not a win! Lol

          • Kris Kompute

            A song about “big rings” that slaps in the club and got every ho memorizing it isn’t a win? What do you dance to? Aesop Rock?


        • Sigh twice

          You love what the bitches love? Gotcha

          • Kris Kompute

            For the club? Yes! Bitches dance and get drunk to good songs. They make the club go round. Could careless about what some lyrics or what niggas like in that setting. Big rings serves its purpose.

            I’ll listen to Cole/Kendrick in the car on the way home.

    • hiphopisdead

      “30 for 30” definitely the best song off WATTBA, I think.

    • LÄ“Teck

      True. Diamonds Dancing needs a grammy

  • Jay Zebra

    Drake sounded like he was out of his element on this and Future just mumbles over 808’s! And that Robitussin line from Drake was awful

    • ari gold

      thank you ! Drake def out of his element on this one. He is a culture vulture. You know drake aint with that lean ,maybe cocaine but not lean with his bitch ass self

      • Who

        Lol drake been talkin n sippin lean since so far gone.. Maybe before.. Lol ur late

  • Tomas Anthony

    how oh how did I know you guys were gonna fuck these lists up YET AGAIN and have them unorganized as fuck!!! in the description there should be the top 10 itself to reference to with links to those pages….. WATTBA has BANGERS on there and the production is on point. i get that this is more of a mixtape with songs they just threw together but you guys overlooked alot of projects…..foreal tho id like to thank Bdot and Rap Radar you guys are really making think about starting a site myself bc clearly u guys are just TROLLING for clicks….what a time to be online

    • jayreeves

      this site is one of the worst hip hop sites in all aspects

      • Tomas Anthony

        couldnt agree more I am a daily user of this site but they have been falling off even before changing up the site….fucking sad when they try to use things like lists and charts just to gain some attention for some web traffic

        • your mom being fallen off but your dad keeps going back and he dont complain

          • Tomas Anthony

            good one.

      • Harlem’s Finest


      • Sigh twice

        How would you know if you didn’t keep coming back?

        • Jason

          I can’t speak for jayreeves but there’s a bunch of hip hop sites I run through every couple of days in case I’m missing something off 2dopeboyz (i.e. a Lupe story). But RapRadar has gradually become the site I check last, if at all. There’s a lack of depth behind the articles; whether that be opinion pieces without a solid argument, gossip posts based on tweets or when they suspiciously plug one wack artist for weeks like they’re on the pay roll.

          You’re allowed to criticize a service you still use.



    • GetReal

      you niggas bitch about anything shut the fuck up

    • Iamstillmusic

      You have to admit this project was underwhelming. Yeah it’s Drake and Future but it had like 3 good songs out of 11. Not a win in my eyes

      • Tomas Anthony

        I definately admit it was underwhelming and “disappointing” as the consumer goes that there wasn’t more time put into it, but on some real shit what did u guys really expect from this project? they announced it a few weeks ahead of time, both Drake and Future basically brought like 5 halfway done tracks each n simply had the other hop on the songs n put that shit together. I’l give u that they definately werent trying to make a whole body of work from scratch to finish like a tape like i stated earlier, HOWEVER THO if u got a billboard #1 for 3 weeks straight in Jumpman, there are like 6 tracks that BUMP and the kids are listening to DAILY STILL TODAY. would u say Ross’ project Black Market was better?? I hope not. What about Ludacris Ludaversal album? hell naaa shit even IMO Snoop Doggs Bush album and even Jadakiss Top 5 DOA album(TO ME) was MORE disappointing because of my expectations for that project. If you call it Top 5 DEAD OR ALIVE you better be bringing that FIRE and i liked that album overall MUCH better than WATTBA because the whole body of work is better however when were tlking about “disappointing” to me it was more disappointing to hear that from Kiss after 5-6 years waiting on that project….

        • Tomas Anthony

          Disappointment only comes from expectations…..remember that

        • Iamstillmusic

          I see what you’re saying. I only bump 30 for 30 on the regular tbh because these two rappers don’t even have the same style. I actually liked Ludaversal but snoop dogs album was also a disappointment. I wasn’t disappointed by black market because I wasn’t expecting much, but Drake and Future are supposed to be the hottest in the game



      • Tomas Anthony

        fuck is you so mad about lol

    • Nizio

      I don’t think the project was complete ass. Some songs their vibe didn’t match, but others it worked well! If anything, it was an interesting collab…Not really bad, but not the best either.

  • Gargemels tracksuit

    A strategic weapon of mass destruction. But it could have been shorter.

  • Da Business

    Shit was ass…

  • louuu

    Yet everyone still bumped it… terrible choice

    • BL4QKB0X

      Everybody…right …

      • louuu

        yeah…you leave the crib in the last two months? couldn’t go out without hearing a song from this album played in clubs and bars

  • Reef2310

    No way. 100% disagree with this. The chemistry and styles works so well. You cannot tell me drakes verse on digital dash didn’t match futures. Then the opposites both shine on diamonds dancing. I could go on. Poor choice RR

    • Kris Kompute

      Preach. I hate “Jumpman” but that shit is a billboard top20 record. Album was a success

      • Tomas Anthony

        Jumpman been #1 for 3 weeks now…

        • Kris Kompute

          On the coon chart. I’m talking about the real chart; Billboard Hot 100.

  • Tomas Anthony

    Rick Ross – Black Market was wayyyyyyyy more disappointing than WATTBA but RR got paid for marketing purposes for that album so it’s very interesting not to see that trash on here….



      • Mrs. Markidis

        hes speaking the truth, same reason meek had most underrated album

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This one was pure trash…. I deleted this album off my computer.

  • i agree with this. simply because this IS the mixtape that millions of fans were hanging on the edge of their seat for and it is lackluster.

    no one had been excited for a mixtape like they were for this one in a long time and it let us down.

  • Dashing28

    Just cause it wasn’t as good as their inidivual albums doesn’t mean it still didn’t have a gang of bangers.

    Jumpman, I’m the Plug, Live From the Gutter, Big Rings, Diamonds Dancing, 30 for 30, Jersey….

    Not to mention Scholarships, Change Locations, which aremid tier joints that would be the lead singles for most rappers right now.

    Not a fan of either like that, but it’s packed with hits. How is it the MOST disappointing album of the year?

    Kid Cudi? Wale?

    • You put Diamonds Dancing as one of the good songs from this list? Damn, I didn’t know women ever checked out RR.

      As for Cudi, they still haven’t unveiled the worst albums of the year list.

      • Dashing28

        Diamonds Dancing is probably the best beat on the whole joint and one of the few songs that felt like they really wrote together, rather than just a Drake verse and a future hook or vice versa.

        Regardless, this is the album that took Future from hood famous to world famous and how can that be a disappointment?

        • its a disappointment because the music is bad

  • SJB

    I have to disagree. In theory, it sounds like a bad idea. When you do a project with someone you most important thing is to work with someone who pushes you to be your better self. In the way Kanye pushed Jay on Watch the Throne or, hopefully, Kendrick pushes Cole on their forthcoming project. Future does nothing for Drake and, in return, he sounds the worst he’s been since Comeback Season.

    • Michael Ib bett

      I agree. Future is just future. He only has the ability to do what he does. Drake has highs and lows and is able to exceed himself. Future wasnt going to inspire that. This album was really really bad.

    • DoughboyToad

      Kendrick pushes Cole on their forthcoming project. U really think Kendrick could push Cole when Cole is already a beast nigga like you just talk to talk.SMH U Hoteps niggas need to get K.dot dick out your mouths

      • SJB

        How did you read that as saying something negative about Cole? His flow is fantastic. His articulation is on point. However, he’s got nothing on the level Kendrick is spasming at at the moment.

  • Bartosz Szaniewski

    Why did this make the list? Seriously. I still slap this one non-stop when I can. Their chemistry was on point. Please review the job title of whoever chose to place this one on the list. Steve Harvey put this on here?

  • Personally I’m glad they took Future’s dick out of their mouth and made the right choice with this one… this was one of the most annoying projects of the year… This tape is laughably bad, lyrically trash, a few good beats for sure but these guys never sounded on the same page… Jumpman was cool until it got played out and Live From the Gutter is good as far as Future is concerned… but the rest of the tape is just painful to listen to.

  • DTS

    I thought Drake dumbed down his lyrics to fit with Future for the whole project, but I did like Drakes flow and delivery for the most part. I’m not really a Future fan and skipped most of his parts. Digital Dash to me was the best song where they both shined.

    • I think the reason his lyrics are dumbed down is because he wrote them by himself for once.

      • DTS

        Damn that’s cold bruh lol.. I think it was rushed. He should of collaborated with someone who could challenge him.

      • Savimbi


  • DTS

    Future’s part on jumpman is so bad. Drake wasn’t that lyrical but at least he gave the song some life.

    • The Gary Group

      Chicken wings and fries/ we don’t go on dates

  • thedeamkid19

    finally, some common sense

    • Iamstillmusic

      Thank you dude, this album was very disappointing for people who are supposed to be the biggest and hottest in the game. It was rushed and weak.

      • Dorothy Young

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      • jay

        rushed is the perfect word to describe this album. They should have taken there time with it. This album shouldn’t even be out yet they should have just announced it.

  • ilexx

    I agree with this. Even though there were a few “bangers” doesn’t make this a good album. Some of the worst Drake lyrics ever and overall, as an album it just wasn’t that good.

  • Kaybee

    Well deserved

  • onenutned


  • GetReal

    this album was disposable never listened to anything outside of jumpman off this

  • Arizona Ron From Tucson

    Thank you RR keep it trill. Fuck them homos!

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    hated this shit.

  • Sam

    Wack album only listened to it because of future, jumpman was a catchy tune though

  • Epul

    There was no chemistry at all, couple of good radio songs by summer everyone will forget this shit even existed.

  • hendrix

    Let me guess, RR is one of people that thinks that to pimp a butterfly is the greatest thing since sliced bread and hardly ever bump it, and call WATTBA shit but bump it all the time

  • War Machine

    i dont know wtf u listened too….i thought the album was dope af. what do u exspect a fucking themed album? are u stupid? Its basically a retail mixtape(That most of us downloaded for free) Shit like this bullshit list will prevent artist from doing shit like this in the future. B Dot your a fucking Homo. No debate



  • Sean Power

    it was good for album that was recording in 2 weeks

  • it wasn’t a combo album it was drake on some future left over songs…30 for 30 some what save the album and diamonds dancing.

  • Nah this is a good gym album.

  • darkskinforeskin

    dick ride the whole fall then diss in the winter? This why journalism losing.

  • dontstopthewave

    B R U H.
    Don’t y’all know this is what this site intended to do? Post some fuckery Iike this to have activity boomin? 50+ comments. Clearly thirst trap for some attention.

  • Sbu

    But we still bumping it thou , fucken haters psssh

  • jj

    stfu yall sum bitches

  • Arizona Ron From Tucson

    For Drake to be considered a forthcoming legend, legends dont do albums with niggas like Future.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    This join was fuckin awful.

  • 340

    Few good songs but overall the album or mixtape was disappointing. The chemistry with these two is just not there. Meek & Future on most of those beats would be better.

  • DoughboyToad

    How is this a disappointing album when it is a damn mixtape.LMAO People really want to give out Ls to Drake and Future but in reality this was just a tape done probably in 7 days. I agree it wasn’t up to par but people this is a MIXTAPE that went on sale.

  • matt

    yn and b.dot post this but i bet they’re still gonna dicksuck the shit out of future and drake the next time they see them in person

  • yesssssssssssssssss. this shit was wack……no bars no substance. drake dissapoints

  • Tomas Anthony

    We’ll see whats gucci when the Worst albums of 2015 come out….

  • SaniAbacha

    It was awful.

  • Nate

    im flabbergasted “what a time to be alive” has so much diss and hate. nun of yall must not be poppin bars, smokin weed, or sippin lean

  • Omar Merlos

    It mos def was not the best but I wouldn’t call it the worst either

  • diggz

    Booo I liked this cd. Rating this a 1

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    They got too excited , it should have been a 4 track EP – jumpman , diamonds dancing and their individual songs

  • johnny

    future is fuckin dope

  • johnny

    future is better than logic #fuck logic