’15 Underrated Albums #1: Meek Mill ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’

Written By: @BdotTM January 4, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Dream On.

Despite being overshadowed by his feud with you-know-who, Meek Mill’s sophomore set deserves your respect. Don’t front, you know track’s like, “R.I.C.O.”, “Jump Out The Face”, and “Check” had you open. What’s beef again?

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  • edsicalz

    So true. Overshadowed by the Drake beef, great record. & i’m a Drake fan.

  • Da Business

    That’s on Meek that this record didn’t get more shine. If he had got out of his feelings and thought business, that record w/ him and Drake would have gave his lp more legs to run on.

    • Jay Zebra

      Yep! Garbage album either way though

  • Jay Zebra

    Nope! Dumbest title ever considering that all this clown does is flash money and jewels?

  • i actually agree i wouldn’t say number 1 underrated though but yeah i enjoyed some of the tracks but you can tell a drake dickrider when they say shit like “i deleted all of meeks music from my computer after back2back”

  • Kris Kompute

    Very good album. Could’ve catapulted himself to ’08 T.I./Jeezy status had he just STFU and played his role.

    • Dorothy Young

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    • MMG

      It’s official, Meek Mill has crossed into true rap superstardom. His latest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, opened at number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart, selling 246,000 equivalent album units* in its first week and scoring the Philly native his first No. 1 album

      • PhilLee8

        Anybody can sell records, that don’t mean the shit good.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Pure trash as always.

  • Gargemels tracksuit

    But his actions have made him unbelievable

  • Dashing28

    No, not at all. HAd like 5 tracks that went in. The rest basura.

  • The problem with this album is that its extremely hit or miss… there were a few stand out tracks, mostly on the first side, but by the end it was filler after filler… aside from the 6 good songs it was a mess of garbage

    • polopolo1

      agreed 1000% and the best songs were Jump out the face/ and Lord knows because of their feautures.

      you could of plugged anyone into the verses and it still would’ve bee ndope

  • Clinton Jones

    I’m not a hater but there so many more albums this year that didn’t get its just due.. especially with the music business not 100% sure how to rate albums. This album is cool if it’s being played in the club mixed next to Future and 2 Chains or right after they play the Nae Nae song. But not the best headphone music. This album not even better the Dreams to Nightmares.

    • GetReal

      yea you’re trippin dreams and nightmares was trash this was a good album and ps i stayed playing this shit in my headphones when i would hit the gym

  • thedeamkid19

    not number 1

  • Kaybee

    Rapradar hates Game with passion, his album was the most slept on. How u say Meek’s album is underrated when he dug his own grave. The radar never gave Game his props anyway.

    • Arizona Ron From Tucson

      Probably bc Documentary 2/2.5 definitely werent slept on! They will be on the best albums list!

      • Kaybee

        I doubt that this is Rapradar aka mmg radar

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    this couldn’t touch his first album tho

  • David

    Best rap album of 2015, funny how people clown this guy like he didn’t make the best rap intro of our generation

    • Reggie

      Really best album of 2015… did you listen to any other albums this year?

    • polopolo1



      that intro is the most overrated intro of all time

    • Dashing28

      Better rap intros off top

      Jay Z – Dynasty album
      Common – Be
      Kanye – Dark Fantasy

  • DTS

    Meek has great delivery and flow but his voice can get a little annoying at times. His content is recycled garbage like other rappers but I guess if money, hoes, material things, and the streets is all you know I can’t blame you. I hope he gets off parole and does a world tour with rozay so he can talk about something different. He’s been in Philly too long man I know he hurtin.

  • windycityg72

    Meek getting sympathy love now smh lol

  • War Machine

    B Dot the biggest cock slobber in the business. so WATTBA is most disapointing and Meeks trash album is #1 underatted??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Could u be any more bias? Jesus christ u are pathetic. Im a huge Meek fan and i played that album twice and saved about 3 songs off it. the shit is terrible. Fuck B Dot and fuck this site.

    • Guillaume Pilon

      they were both shtty albums

    • Reggie

      How is he being biased at all? if anything Rapradar should have a HUGE alliance to Future

      • War Machine

        Fuck u mean? They CLEARLY dick ride MMG more then any other label. Not that its working since all they been dropping is bricks. the dickriding is just too obvious. If u dont see it you are retarded. Meeks album #1 Underrated? are u fucking kiddding me? Thats a joke. Terrible commercial garbage. That future drake album was WAYYYY better.

        • GetReal

          bitch shut the fuck up you the only dick rider i see right about now

          • War Machine

            What exactly am i dick riding genius? You don’t even make sense faggot. Keep your bitch ass coon mouth shut. Nobody said shit to you. Foh

      • Who

        You are correct. He’s jus a mad bitch rn. It’ll take some time.



  • Sean Power


  • Guillaume Pilon

    lp was horrible

  • This album was bad on so many levels, thank 6god for taking him out of the game for good.

    • The Gary Group

      6god? Y’all niggas crazy

  • polopolo1

    Lol are yall kidding? the best thing about this album is the beef it spawned. the future/Drake tape was waay better.

    Songs were mediocre, and the best songs were only good because of the features. Future and Torey lanez

  • El Fenomeno

    funny shit is every liked it until meek went WWII D-Day on Drake, which was obviously an epic fail

  • RGeezy

    Not a solid release for meek in my opinion. For every good track there were 2 bad ones. Let’s not forget that cornball song with Nikki and Chris brown that he pushed as a single. Look up pussy whipped and you will see a picture of meek.

    • GetReal

      i would have to disagree all the songs on here were solid i actually could listen to this all the way through and i never did that with a meek project

  • of course a mmg album lol

  • Jumpman

    Underrated? The album became Meek’s first number-one album and it has sold 495,000 copies domestically. At Metacritic, it received an average score of 74.


      it aint even crack 400k check your sources, wikipedia got it wrong

      • Jumpman

        What is your source then?


          every website that actually tracks sales… they say 379

  • MrSkeezyMak

    This wasn’t underrated at all. Shit got a lot of praise until Meek fucked it up for himself.

  • The worse thing about these list are the one sentence justifications. I mean I know yall blogging, Podcasting, kick starting magazines and all that but come on guys this is disappointing.

  • DoughboyToad

    Fuck No Logic album deserves to be number 1

  • Get Real

    Solid crossover album. If Meek would’ve just chilled out he would been championed for reaching a new audience with his music. Instead, he picked the wrong fight with the wrong person and gained a new audience because of the massive L he took which overshadows what otherwise was a great year for him in 2015.

  • BIGGER Fishes 2 Cook

    If it weren’t for the summer snafu Meek’s album could’ve been much bigger. That R.I.C.O song was/is actually good.
    Alright, folks gotta run. Like that Ninja Vladimir Francois I have BIGGER fishes 2 cook.

  • ROOM 666

    RR still on MMGs payroll

  • matt

    that good ol’ MMG payola at work. rapradar you guys win rick ross dickriders of the year.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Shadow of a doubt- Freddie gibbs. Most underrated imo.