’15 Underrated Albums #2: Travis Scott ‘Rodeo’

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 4, 2016 @ 5:00 PM EDT

Do U Wanna Ride.

Antidote got all the attention but there’s plenty of potent moments here to round up and enjoy. Rage on.—EW

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  • Pusha gotta be #1

  • Kris Kompute

    Hope Kanye interpolates this sound into Swish. Great project.

  • iLLbeYo5to9


  • Jay Zebra

    Auto-Tune has ruined rap! And this entire album relied on it. Two thumbs way down

  • jayreeves

    No one fucks with your site Eliott. You aint the goat of shit nigga, Get them ears checked this shit was dope af

    • Guest

      Either you can’t read or you’re just plain dumb! Go look up the definition of “underrated” again smart guy.

      • jayreeves

        i misread i was bout to lose it. either way these lists suck. Look at the organziation shit is a dam mess.



  • Da Business

    Dope record.

  • Gargemels tracksuit

    Young & distinct already from the post 808s and heartbreak wave

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I didn’t even bother listening to this whole album….

  • Dashing28

    This shoulda been on the list for best rap albums, not underrated.

  • I would put this in the top 10 if not top 5 best rap albums of the year… it had a fresh sound, plenty of bangers, a few duds to be sure but as a whole its great.. i couldnt get enough of it when it first came out and its still a good listen.

    • Iamstillmusic

      You’re a troll. Top 5 rap albums of the year? More like top 20 this dude has crazy production and talks nothing

    • Reggie

      How can a top 5 album have a few duds??

      • When making a top 5 list u are comparing it to the rest of the albums from the year… so if it was a terrible year the best album would have a lot of duds… this was a good year tho so thats why im saying top 10, maybe top 5… i cant think of any album that came out this year that didnt have at least one dud, except maybe to pimp a butterfly which was consistent from beginning to end, but thats why it would be number 1… other than that nothing was perfect

        • Reggie

          you said a few dudes though… meaning at least 3… If you’re reading this didn’t have 3 duds, Lupe’s album didn’t have 3 duds, Pusha’s album had 1 dud, MAYBE 2… Game’s album was dope… This maybe a top 10 year in Hip hop TBH

          • The only track I really didn’t like on Rodeo was Nightcrawler… I also thought Pornography was a weak opener but other than that I liked the rest of the tracks. I love Pusha T but honestly I wasn’t feeling Darkest Before Dawn as much as Rodeo… it was definitely good but very short so the couple weaker songs hurt it more. And Game def did good too but it was spread across two albums so its harder to put on a list, there were plenty of throwaway tracks between the two albums. And Drake’s album definitely had at least 3 whack songs, more if u count the interlude.

  • thedeamkid19

    fuck this shit, is boring

  • DoughboyToad

    This album was trash

  • matt


  • Best album of 2015

  • CZO

    I agree with the people saying that they couldn’t listen to the album all the way through, but it still ended up being better than i ever imagined, plus people really like it so i wouldn’t call it underrated

  • Reggie Bo

    this shit was decent as hell, Scott is musical as much as a rapper