2014 Rap Radar Lists Recap

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 10, 2015 @ 10:46 AM EDT

That’s A Rap.

It sure has been an eventful week. And like we always do around this time, here’s a recap of this week’s Rap Radar Lists. Don’t hate on our opinion.


10 Best Albums:

1. YG My Krazy Life

2. J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive

3. Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint

4. Freddie Gibbs x Madlib Piñata

5. Jeezy Seen It All: The Autobiography

6. Rick Ross Mastermind

7. Run The Jewels Run The Jewls 2

8. ScHoolboy Q Oxymoron

9. PRhyme PRhyme

10. Big K.R.I.T. Cadillactica


5 Underrated Albums:

1. DJ Mustard 10 Summers

2. Logic Under Pressure

3. Lecrae Anomaly

4. Ghostface Killah 36 Seasons

5. Hit-Boy & HS87 We The Plug


5 Disappointing Albums:

1. Wu-Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow

2. Ab-Soul …These Days

3.  Future Honest

4.  The Roots …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin

5. Mobb Deep The Infamous Mobb Deep


5 Worst Albums:

1. Riff Raff Neon Icon

2. Iggy Azalea The New Classic

3. Onyx Wakedafucup

4. Asher Roth RetroHash

5. Theophilus London Vibes


Best Singles:

1. Bobby Shmurda “Hot Nigga”

2. Drake “0 to 100/The Catch Up”

3. Rich Gang “Lifestyle”

4. YG x Drake “Who Do You Love?”

5. T.I. x Young Thug “About The Money”

6. Rae Sremmurd “No Type”

7. Dej Loaf “Try Me”

8. Big Sean x E-40 “IDFWU”

9. Lil Wayne x Drake “Believe Me”

10. Ty Dolla $ign Ft. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard “Or Nah (Remix)”


Worst Singles:

1. Iggy Azalea “Fancy”

2. Nicki Minaj “Anaconda”

3. Wiz Khalifa “We Dem Boyz”

4. O.T. Genasis “CoCo”

5. Riff Raff “Tip Toe Wing My Jawwdinz”


10 Best Mixtapes:

1. Rich Gang Rich Gang Tha Tour Pt. 1

2. Migos No Label 2

3. Future Monster

4. Travi$ Scott Days Before Rodeo

5. Ty Dolla $ign $ign Language

6. Lil Boosie Life After Deathrow

7. Slaughterhouse House Rules

8. G-Unit The Beauty Of Independence

9. Wiz Khalifa 28 Grams

10. Childish Gambino STN/MTN


5 Best Guest Verse:

1. Jay Z “We Made It”

2. Drake “Tuesday”

3. Jay Rock “I Just Wanna Party”

4. Jay Z “Seen It All”

5. Eminem “Calm Down”


5 Best Beats:

1. Boi-1da, Vinylz, & Allen Ritter “Chi-Raq”

2. Hit-Boy “Grinding My Whole Life”

3. Nez & Rio “Man Of The Year”

4. MikeWillMadeIt “Move That Dope”

5. Timbaland “Moving Bass”


5 Best R&B Albums:


2. Teyana Taylor VII

3. Chris Brown X

4. Trey Songz Trigga

5. Jhené Aiko Souled Out

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  • B

    Ya’ll should let ppl vote on this shit, like have nominations and shit. you will probably get more traffic on your site (free hint) and then ppl can’t bitch. Because everyone is wondering how you came up with this stuff, personal opinion, sales, they pay you, etc? Some clarity on how you came up with this would be nice. Do you guys seriously like negative comments on your post and ppl coming at you? That’s stupid guys

    • T

      Only a weirdo would be affected by negative internet comments,,, Do you know how many negative comments WSHH gets? “NEGATIVE” Comments shouldn’t persuade the owners of the site to follow or bow down to weirdos who usually say stupid shit to get attention any ways… *Example* One dude on RR commented the reason why he didn’t like the Boosie tape was because of his “voice” he didn’t say anything about the lyrics or production “which really matter”, now how stupid would RapRadar be if they allowed a comment like that to persuade them? I would be terrified if they allowed the commenters to vote because most of the commenters say stupid shit. Like the dude who gets on here everyday to clown Bdot thats weirdo shit and weirdos have no say so. What they should do is gather maybe one loyal Visitor of the site, one Blogger of the site and maybe a professional music Artist and then vote and debate.

      • yeah

        You said a lot of shit there mane

      • pimpsquadpop

        is this part of a book? dang bruh…

    • yeah

      It’d be more of a representation of the people, that much is true, the people who use this site are very integrated so I don’t see the idea of polls being landslided by one fan base either, good looks b

      • T

        Polls might not be good because weirdos tend to be biased towards trash. Imagine if they had a poll Iggy would have been on the top of every BEST list.

        • I agree that is why other sites that are really big don’t do no polls they have critics pick and whoever don’t like it who cares. Imagine if the grammys was like that. Then we really would be piss.

    • Lets be serious if you let people vote it wouldn’t be fair, people would be voting bias. Also if you look at complex or pitchfork list for best rap albums it is not that far off, granted they have RTJ2 and Big Krit album higher.

    • Everybody

      And how many piss poor singles did William Roberts release this year? And what about “Hood Billionaire” that shit was fucking terrible and not one “disappointing” mention of anybody from MMG. Coincidence? I think not!

      • Rick Ross

        blalablabla shut up

    • diggz

      lol I don’t think they care about your “free hint” no offence


    “Don’t hate on our opinion.”


  • DP

    no Isaiah Rashad! smh

    • Mr.Stealyogurl

      Fuck Isaiah rashad

    • Stanfield


      • DP

        lol too funny

    • blk stn

      Fuck Isaiah Rashad

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    The shout out to Mac Diesel tho LMAO!!!

  • bcno

    no love for Mick Jenkins

  • Stanfield

    Rap Radar is taking a L already in 2015 with these BIASED garbage 2014 list. And YN & B. DOT wonder why this website remains a local NY one.

  • Hussle

    Best single list and most disappointed list are accurate. the rest…meh

  • T

    Best singles is missing Jay Rock and Kendrick; Boosie should have been higher on the Mixtape list; Worst Singles was right besides the Wiz joint; The Best Singles is debatable the Bobby joint was only dope because of the production but the lyrics sucked; Best albums Schoolboy should have been higher and the “PRhyme” album was slept on it should have made the underrated album list.The R&B list was missing Luke James album. Everything else is cool.

  • Eric Davis

    I agree

  • Chris Searl

    You fucked up royally on two parts:

    1. Asher Roth’s album deserved to be in the top ten list, as did Logics. You had them both on the wrong lists altogether… Did you even listen to Run the Jewls 2? Album of the year next to Cole. The YG thing is a grammy snub make up call. Well done.

    2. By listing Iggy, you are promoting her as hip-hop. It’s time we start ignoring her as a rap artist starting now, with the blogs, by not mentioning her. She’s gonna win the Grammy and it’s because websites like RR feed off her buzz. Awful lists this year guys, truly awful.

    You’ve lost a pretty consistent reader over the last 3 or so years, 2dopeboyz is going to get my traffic.

  • tBh

    So u dead gone pretend Cole didn’t drop AoTY?

  • ThaScholar

    Rap Radar has fell all the way off. This list recap is evidence of this websites fall from grace. It’s a shame

  • jimj87

    ppl get so bent outta shape over these lists.. lots of websites do lists its based on what the staff decide…
    if you disagree why don’t you and your friends make your own lists and stop crying about how “you lost my traffic” blah blah blah
    its their opinion.. why not just chill and state your own changes in the comments

    • Chris Searl

      You suck at subliminal shots hahaha

  • whipp

    wheres RITTZ

  • Serious Mike

    No t.I paperwork?

    • SHAZAM

      dat shit was trash

      • Serious Mike

        It was better than some albums on the list tho

    • Da Business

      Should’ve been on the most disappointing list.

  • Yeezus Christ

    These NO WAY J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive is a runner up to YG My Krazy Life.. SHIT Jeezy Seen It All: The Autobiography and Rick Ross Mastermind are both better than it


    No Tinashe Aquarius for best R&B albums? You niggas are the worst.

  • blk stn

    ASAP Rocky’s LiveLoveASAP is the greatest mixtape of all time.

    • FREE MAX B

      that shit came out in 2011, this is for 2014

      • blk stn

        I know bruh. No matter how dope mixtapes are year after year, none have reached LiveLoveAsap level.

  • blk stn

    Theophilus London’s Vibes for worst? This is getting ridiculous


    @ Big Homie

    Don’t hate on our opinion.




  • Jerseynigerian

    Ransom pain & glory shouldve been on the underrated list. J cole should be 1 schoolboy 2 and freddie gibbs 3.

  • BEE

    I think tip toe wing in my jawwdinzz was not THAT bad, it’s def no worse than a lot of the other songs on the best singles list.

  • BlueScalise

    YG? I guess Rap Radar thinks he deserves a Grammy too for that shit.

  • Fuck a Kanye-Stan

    1. RTJ2 was album of the year, and I’m not dick riding, first listen through I knew that shit was the best. but you have Nicki and Ross higher, probably because of their names. 2. Cilvia Demo deserved a spot on either top albums or mix tapes, whatever you wanna call, not only did it deserve a spot, it deserved to be in the top 5. Your opinion is wack as fuck.

  • The Negro In Question

    YG’s album is soooo overated. Cats’ll get it when it’s sophomore time.

  • Da Business

    Vince Staples

  • North Griffey

    Mastermind definitely shouldn’t be over Prhyme or Run The Jewels.

  • Spitta should be on here

    where the fuck is Curren$y

  • ty

    What about Nipsey Hussle #mailboxmoney !?

  • So I heard the Cyhi song and ddnt understand the cover UNTIL I went on Instagram and saw his post of having the best mixtape all year. Lookin at the Top 10 now I have to agree with Cyhi because that’s the only one I still have in rotation. I’ve already deleted wack songs off the others and jus kept the hits and that Cybi Black History Project is a complete body of art. You can hold that hold up with albums in the Top 5 even. It does seem that the quantity over quality does manipulate the judging of the listener nowadays.

  • wizer

    I still dont understand why the CILVIA Demo was not mentioned anywhere… that EP was dope as fuck beginning to end…

  • Toilet Paper

    Logic & Lecrae. Fav. albums for me.