Cigar Talk: @NajiChill x @YesJulz / @070Shake

Written By: @ April 6, 2018 @ 1:17 PM EDT

GOOD Interview

I sat down for some ‘Cigar Talk’ with influencer and manager Yes Julz. Julz goes into detail on what it’s like managing 070 Shake, and being an influencer. She recalls her origins, and how she was able to conquer social media. Julz explains what she does, and her role in working with brands. She speaks on sexism in the music industry, as well as cultural appropriation & much more. 070 Shake explains how she got signed to GOOD Music and her meeting with Kanye. This was a great interview; enjoy!


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    Def Jam signing everybody!

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    • BX Kat

      facts lol