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Written By: @Elliottwilson September 26, 2013 @ 5:00 PM EDT
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Elliott kicked it with Drake this past Sunday at NYU for the latest edition of CRWN.

In the first episode, Drizzy spoke on cuts off Nothing Was The Same, criticism, and a conversation with Ghostface Killah. Afterward, he touched on Kendrick’s infamous “Control” verse and Kanye West.

In the second episode, Drake discusses the origins of “Pound Cake”, “Off That”, and, various songs on Nothing Was The Same. Later on, Noah “40″ Shebib graces the stage to discuss that good ol’ OVO Sound.

All good things must come to an end. And to close YN’s CRWN series, Drake fields questions from the audience at NYU including this weirdo. Nothing Was The Same in stores now.

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    girls and gays buy drake albums

  • ShatteredWorld

    RapRadar done stepped it up

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  • mute

    REALITY CHECK : READ YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING AND HELP THE WORLD : drake makes more money, has more fans, is classier than the hater rappers, djs etc. who are only relevant because they piggyback off of drake’s international persona by degrading his racial identity and musical identity. (rappers can only be a certain pigment? rappers must sing a certain way….give me a break you racist, ignorant high school bullies….your parents taught you better, you just chose to influence millions of children in the worst way to fill your wallet).( since drake does not have to say the “N” word or every other negative word every two seconds to make
    himself and his fans feel like a classless, uncultured promoter of negative
    stereotypes for the african american community and the human
    culture…..all of a sudden he is worthless for adding positive cultural outlets to millions of people by using his voice in a different musical genre others are incapable of producing? (instead of promoting gun violence, racial crimes, and the degradation of women…) should someone be afraid to do what no one else can do? the control verse is simple : drake controls all humans who are secretly jealous of his success and the fact that they cannot hold a tune and rely on curses and dumb themes to make people love them. sorry haters, drake is good enough to rap circles around your fave rappers and has the radio on lock. oh wait…the other rappers don’t and they will say that these blog posts are just dumb and they have money….but the post will spread like all things and it will be hilarious to see a “famous” rapper be humanized since the truth hurts more than drake’s bars…a musician is a craftsman of words…if “rap” requires profanity and immorality, all of your rappers are lying to you because their mom is sipping earl grey tea as your homeboy gets shot for believing in his or her lyric about how they shoot people daily……how about the rap community starts championing their celebrities and stops creating stupid feuds over lyrics and starts focusing on “making money” since that is the end goal…TOGETHER…if rappers jumped on drake’s bandwagon they would have more money and “rap” would not be considered an outlet for degenerates and would actually finally achieve the positive recognition and legitimacy it deserves. in the old days social issues were spit in poetic bars and lines were not vomited on repeat about the same dumb topics (women…car…money….gag…). people died for all of our rights and now you idolize people who waste their time worrying about lyrics and make money off of your participation…. instead of going out and doing it yourself or contributing to the world positively or simply learning to congratulate someone for at least trying to do something. oh and this is culturally productive and real. millions would not dare to be so frank. the same people who hate drake are the same people who hate me. i dont even care about drake i am just pissed off with rap culture period. drake and drake haters are just the model of my frustration. for the person that says i am an idiot for taking the time to make a splash i say to you ” God bless, I love you 🙂 ” damn right retweet me. #yeezus

  • TulaQ

    I didnt felt it was enough !!!