CRWN: Future Bonus Scenes

Written By: @BdotTM April 28, 2014 @ 12:25 PM EDT

Honest Talk.

YN kicked in The A with Future on Tuesday for the latest installment of CRWN. Below is a synopsis of their half hour conversation. Honest in stores.

Elliott Wilson and Future Hendrix sit down in Atlanta for an intimate conversation about songwriting, hit making, controversy, music industry politics and just who wrote “Drunk in Love.”

UPDATE: More Future. Here’s a bonus cut featuring clips you did not see.

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  • Uncle Tom

    Futures albums is ass besides pharrells verse

  • Truu

    Looks like future couldn’t sell out his crwn after all that promo. Should’ve went with someone on Wayne’s status. A bar was set after Wayne IMO .

    • ginnjuicesince1993

      WORD I think Future was a very poor follow up to an epic CRWN with a superstar like Weezy

  • JMcL

    that place is empty

  • e g

    YN, as a huge fan of your work and of the #crwn series I’m very disappointed by this interview. I truly do not believe that you feel this way about Future’s music. It seemed like you were pumping him up when his as$ is already way to gassed up. This future nobody really thinks highly of himself. Am I the only one who caught on that with the “never satisfied” song he said Drake pulled his verse and basically didn’t have time to record another one… Future is saying its because they went on tour but if my memory serves Drake has dropped a couple of songs while he was touring lol
    This n***ga is so damn high on himself practically begging for a writing credit on “drunk in love” and “started from the bottom”
    Stay in your lane future the road gon’ be a dead end soon anyways but still stay in your lane.

    • Uncle Tom

      If you wanted to write essays you should have stayed in school pussy

      • e g

        Hi Ciara 🙂

        • Joseph

          I feel u man

        • Uncle Tom

          ? I’m assuming you’re reply implied that I read that novel you typed. Nigga I didn’t read that long ass fuck shit! Fuck outta here

          • AKbar

            cus’ you is a reel nigga

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

      disagree, great interview! Got his story through!

  • Tae

    RAP RADAR IS THIS FOR REAL? This guy thinks he is god’s gift to creativity and that all these genius music stars just get sooooo creative around him. No Future, actually these ppl just sound good in a song with you because you sound like a strangled robot cat on it’s deathbed.

  • JimJ87

    this guy is gon make me defend Drake
    did he really say “when Drake was working FOR me in the studio”?
    Drake 600k+ first week
    Future projected @ less than 60k first week sales… letTTTTT that sink in clown
    Ciara hyped her last claim to fame this dreadhead is delusional

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      50-56k ha!

  • Hussle

    Worst.CRWN.So.Far. Lets get back on track RR with the next one..someone interesting like 50 or shit…i don’t know Kendrick maybe? Nas? How can’t you get Em when Paul is behind this???

  • Esquire

    Damn the hate for Future is real! I on the other hand, appreciate his songwriting, melodic skills, and work ethic.

  • Rachet God dat Real Nigga

    wow you really can’t get on hot 97 for pushing certain artist then you turn around and do crwn wih future.really have you looking suspect like you taking money under the table

  • RealNiggaShit

    Future ur album is great bro keep pushing!!!

  • Future is as honest as it gets. Never thought I’d buy a future album.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    great interview, nice one YN

  • BlackCrown216

    He went and dyed his hair like a woman…this nigga wanna be a blonde too huh..

    Yet he a “real nigga” huh….
    guess they don’t make em like they used to

  • sajjad akbar

    i direct traffic for future videos, everybody move over to the videos to your left and there you will see foreign drama from our cousins in the shabba ranks, ft migos, your favorite teenager on my sweet sixteen for the CTE and your local Philadelphia striving artist #tattoosandwhatthefuckevertheythoughtbackthenbecauseidontkeepupwithyourbabymomadramabutillmentionittofuckherthoughbecauseiknowhowniggershitsmells

  • AKD

    April 22 was a such a great day.. ” I Will Never Let you Down” was released!

  • AKD

    Future’s new album is epic!

  • TrillSouth

    Shit is a classic