New Agenda: Lil Durk

Written By: @TheBigHomie June 1, 2015 @ 6:06 PM EDT
  • The Incredible Creation

    Dear Def Jam, develop these artists more, build their brands and stop rushing to throw these albums out in such short periods of time with little to no buzz =(

    • Dark Matters

      Are you going to pay for the investment? Especially when most of y’all stay jacking people’s music for free. Why would they put that money in when they’ll get nothing out of it.

      • The Incredible Creation

        lol sooooo why even spend some money on recording, mixing, mastering, promoting & marketing an album that isn’t gonna sell anyway, BECAUSE they didn’t put the time, energy and (smaller) amount of money into attempting to make him a BIGGER BRAND? Wouldn’t that make sense…? so they can make more money.. long-term? People don’t think about longevity anymore… I study the music business day in and day out… we manage some artists, consult artists, develop artists etc. shit, I’ve reached out to people at Def Jam and other labels to try in help to mold a better music business for the new generation but of course they just ignore u… i’d go in and do it for very little pay starting out because its what I love to do… *shrugs* sorry for the novel but yeah.. i’m quite passionate about the industry and how it works…

    • RandyJTierney

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  • Kraft

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  • Do labels and artists pay YN and this site for promo when they have albums coming out

  • Black

    Not checking for his music,he can’t rhyme & that drill phase that brought him attention has come and gone. His biggest song “This ain’t what you want” is BASURA as well,what I don’t want is to hear your weak attempts at rapping.

  • Dark Matters

    I like Durk as a person and wish him the best, but some of these kids are really going to need to step up their artistry.

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