On Your Radar: Will a Jay-z album resonate the same way in 2017?

Written By: @ May 19, 2017 @ 4:38 PM EDT

Can Hov be great again?


I think it’s safe to assume a new Jay-z album is coming out some time this summer.  Whenever Hov drops music the culture stops. It’s been 4 years since his last project Magna Carta Holy Grail, and we’re desperately anticipating some new jigga.

However, they say rap is a young mans game. Approaching 50 can Jay-z survive in this microwave society? We’re in the era of trap music and mumble rap and as hip hop ages the generational divide becomes more apparent. Will a Jay-z album resonate with todays listeners? Will it have the same cultural impact that he’s always had? Talk to me!


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  • marty mcfly

    No Jay does not have to resonate with a younger audience. He can say fine if you don’t want to listen to his music then don’t listen. You not taking no food off his table by not relating to his music.

    Was Reasonable Doubt made to resonate with a younger audience? No it was not. It was made for grown men not children. Was MCHG made to relate to young people? No it was made for an adult audience.

    Jay doesn’t have to change himself so he can fit nicely next to a mumble rappers audience. All he has to do is do him. If you like it cool, if not then don’t listen. He don’t need to be “relevant” in 2017. He could say fuck being “relevant” at this point because “relevance” is not doing nothing to effect his circumstances. He’s already good whether he’s relevant or not and whether people listen to his music or not. Jay could say fuck all y’all at this point. #GOAT

    • el jim chapo guzman

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      • marty mcfly

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      • Room 222

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    • skill doesn’t equate to sales, the times have changed. Reasonable doubt dropped in ’96.. it’s 2017. Hip Hop is evolving because it has now joined pop culture, pop culture is usually watered down for it’s audience to consume.

      • marty mcfly

        Fuck sales. Let’s say Jay only sells 2 albums? Does it really matter anymore? No. Again Jay could say fuck all y’all cause people now on some bullshit. They caught up in sells and popularity over dope music. Smh

      • marty mcfly

        As far as hip hop evolving? Jay one of the main reasons for that evolution. I hope Jay says fuck fitting into what these young cornballs like.

  • el jim chapo guzman

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    • ‘175, and I just might agree.’ He settled for 200M.. Goat.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Jay z is rich forever.

        • DWEEB

          His next deal he’ll reach a billi.



  • Jay-Z makes big boy rap, but we first have to hear the sound that he’s presenting to really tell if it will resonate with the younger audience. I anticipate that it will be feature heavy, due to the reality of that there isn’t a artist or producer that would turn down a request from Hov. The same way ‘I got the keys’ went platinum with future on the hook, I believe Hov has the ability to transcend his talents to the new age of digital consumption of music. At this point it’s like Mayweather defending not just his belt, but his legacy; yet we can never forget Hov has went ‘..platinum about a million times.’

    [email protected]

    • marty mcfly

      Let’s say his music doesn’t resonate with a younger audience and everybody under 25 doesn’t like It? Does it really even matter at this point? No, why? Because ever since Jay came in the game at 26 he’s never really been talking to a younger audience. He’s dropped almost two decades worth of music that lyrically and musically is meant to resonate with a very grown audience so why people are expecting Jay-Z of all people to try and reach some teenagers with his music, I don’t know. He’s never been about that.

      • As far as the age of the audience; that’s what i meant by the term big boy rap. When big boy rap was popular, people were still buying cds. The demographic of music sales have changed; the younger generation runs the streaming environment. By me making the mayweather reference, I’m also saying he has nothing to prove. But hiphop is competitive just like boxing and also will be, every from him is similar to a boxer defending his belt. There’s not an artist in the world who’s guaranteed to get it right everytime: Yeezus, Blonde, 4 your eyez only, etc. I say that to say this, I’m just curious to hear what the lead single will be.

        • marty mcfly

          I’m just saying it don’t matter. If the younger generation don’t like his music, fuck it cause they on some bullshit anyway. For Jay to appeal to a younger audience, he gotta make some wack shit imo. You say no artist is guaranteed to get it right every time? Get what right? music for this new generation of wack rappers and fans? I’d rather Jay just keep talking to his core audience which is now like in their 30s and 40s. Fuck these young people.

          • DWEEB

            I bet this new album is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥 And NOT ained at the fans of Lil Yachty

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      • Marty McSitYourAssDown

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        • marty mcfly

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          • Marty McSitYourAssDown

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        • DWEEB

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          • DWEEB aka Marty’s Boyfriend

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    • iseerashonal

      Fuck a younger audience…why does everything in hiphop have to be for a younger audience?

      • Naji Grampus

        they are a large demo

        • marty mcfly

          So are adults.

      • I agree. Pandering to teens when you are a grown man baffles me. How about growing with the fans who’ve supported your career from day one? Besides who has the money? Whose more likely to subscribe and purchase music these days?



  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    good music is just good music.

    • do the vikings and msslums samde dame time smart stragegie

  • Da Truthhh

    He has to lock in and focus only on his album instead of being a ceo and rapper at the same time. One or the other. He he wants to make a classic he needs to focus on the album nothing else

    • marty mcfly

      That CEO talk is a big reason why people fuck with him in the first place. He don’t have to focus on a classic either, he did that already multiple times. I think people should just stop worrying about Jays music at this point. He been shown you he got this time and time again.

      • Da Truthhh

        why rap if you don’t want to try not make a classic? The point of this rap shit is to make a album thats timeless . Jay got classics but it would not hurt to make another one but to make a classic the focus has to be real

        • marty mcfly

          You can’t just “make” a classic as if it’s something you can just do at will. Everything has to line up perfectly from the production to the lyrics to everyone involved be in the right place creatively. All Jay can do is do what he do, the universe will determine if its classic or not but Jay don’t have to stress what he’s already done numerous times.

          • Da Truthhh

            all those things you just said has a lot to do with being focused

          • marty mcfly

            No it doesn’t. Read it again. You can be focused until the point of giving yourself a headache and still not make a classic.

            And still Jay-Z already has proven his ability to make classics over and over and over and over again…

          • marty mcfly

            Always expecting a classic is just an easy way to say you’ve already chosen to be disappointed by his next album because you’ve already set the bar at a level that’s too easy to just say he didn’t reach after listening.

  • Stanley L

    He will resonate if he stays true to himself. The difference between Drake and Jay-Z is that Hov doesn’t try to ride the trend, but Drizzy constantly gravitates to what the audience perceives as hot. In reality, Hov’s audience is much older than the average Hip-Hop fan, and thats what he needs to focus on.

  • Hov’s position is already is solidified in the rap game. As for the microwave society if they haven’t been dialed in with him, I doubt they ever will. In my mind they don’t dictate his success. He still has a cult like following too, but people never mention them. Nevertheless, he’s consistent his plus his wordplay is still witty and people will give it a listen based on that. Lastly, his CONSISTENCY doesn’t tell me that his cultural impact is in jeopardy.

  • Public Hairs

    Hopefully he regains his flow and overall mojo that has waned since BP3 and onward.

  • Mike Bubbster