Rap Radar Podcast: Anthony Saleh

Written By: @BdotTM November 6, 2015 @ 12:17 PM EDT

Saleh Story.

Anthony Saleh is hip-hop’s most known unknown. As one of the game’s most prominent managers, Saleh is responsible for navigating the careers of Nas, Future, and YG. Outside of hip-hop, the LA native is diversifying his portfolio in the tech world as an investor and partner in Queensbridge Venture Partners LLC. While finding some downtime, Saleh speaks on breaking into the game, on Nas’ hiatus, tech, Future’s impact, YG’s appeal and more. SUBSCRIBE here.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    ahhhh interesting… as an up & coming artist manager.. I appreciate this… YA’LL KEEP THE SURPRISES COMING! =) https://theincrediblecreation.wordpress.com/ ..and as a current employee of Mercedes Benz let me correct you, B.Dot… lol we do sell other cars there… (BMW’s included)

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      you know what i mean!

  • Sonic

    B.Dot is gay for that pic.

    • Guest

      LINKS FELICIA! Where they at? WHERE ARE THESE TRAP RECORDS THAT YOU’VE “EXECUTIVE PRODUCED”? You’re too busy turning tricks in the Thailand trap! Nice profile pic Wang Chung! Lmfao BYE FELICIA!

      • Sonic

        I’m not from Thailand, you racist scumlord. You’re really mean and disrespectful to me and never pay attention to my feelings. Fuck you, Stanley!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    That nigga look gay.

    • Mainframe

      takes one to know one

  • Santigo

    Have to admit this guy has done a phenomenal job for managing Nas. The only thing I wish he did for Nas is get him a real A&R on the music side. Dope interview!

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      NEED a new nas album tho. sheesh.

      • supreme

        First and foremost Nas is numero uno imo! Secondly with the right production Nas is unstoppable. We definitely need a new album

      • BIGGER Fishes 2 Cook

        Elliot needs to stop with that annoying laugh. Just because of it I refuse to subscribe to this podcast.

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL


        • diggz

          wow you truy have no fucking life. Go fuckin kill yourself bro. you got 4,650 dumn annoying ass comments that everyone hates. fuckin loser

        • diggz

          watch out buddy your day is coming 🙂

        • diggz

          na we gotta petition going on too, your dumb comments are all about to get deleted

      • diggz
  • el primo negro

    good pic b.dot. he’s been very effective as nas manager and a part of atom factory.
    so troy carter

  • el primo negro

    gotta take a listen later

  • Robert Rose

    the laugh and all the dick riding is too much fam

    • Melissa Richardson

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    • MegaHind

      Define “dick riding”, Ms Rose.

  • BIGGER Fishes 2 Cook

    Nas lyrical content is impeccable. My gripe with him is the production choices that sometimes don’t do him justice. He needs a good A&R. Hell, even Ross can do that job for him.

    • Mainframe

      definitely, he’d be more popular today if he worked with younger producers. i’d love to hear nas over some updated beats.

      • Santigo

        Nah, actually that’s the opposite of what Nas should do. Nas has a sound that sounds good with certain sounds. Jazzy, Funky, Dusty, Grimey, Triumphant soundscapes…can’t think of 1 single young producer that would give him what the guys he should work with can…(Hi Tek, Madlib, Buckwild, Alchemist, Jake One, Preemo, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Qtip, Just Blaze, Nashiem Myrick, etc)

        • Mainframe

          i think he’d sound dope over beats by producers like dahi, kaytranada, hit-boy, j. cole, boi-1da, vinylz etc. i didn’t necessarily mean young producers, just producers with a modern sound. we’ve all heard nas over the same boom bap style for years, would be refreshing to hear him evolve his sound.

          • @WorldFamous_Kev

            Metro Boomin’? DJ Mustard? Minnie Fresh?

        • @WorldFamous_Kev

          Kanye West?

  • HD

    bdot hate’nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Mainframe

    this guy sounds just like nas. what are the chances?

  • Strong Enough

    thats a zesty pic

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Great interview! Learned so much! Nice one @brianbdotmiller:disqus @elliotwillson