Rap Radar Podcast: Roc Marciano

Written By: @TheBigHomie March 26, 2018 @ 1:58 PM EDT

It’s The Roc

For nearly a decade, Roc Marciano has been a lord of the underground. With the release of his new album, Rosebud Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose, the Long Island native is ruling with an iron fist. Released independently, Roc initially turned to the streets before embracing streaming. But with a renewed focus, he talks about his views on music distribution, production, musical style, origins and more!


Photos: Calligrafist

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  • Officer Ricky

    hahahaha This nigga really like 5’2″

    • Invisible Rules

      Not as Short as your money….Whats it like getting up everyday building other peoples dreams…..9-5 Ass nigga.

      • Officer Ricky

        What the fuck you know, assuming ass bitch nigga? And fyi if you aint Roc or part of his team, you just a faggot dickrider

        • Invisible Rules

          You know I’m right, you dead broke….Slave to alarm clock’s nigga…..You not on Rick Ross’s team get off that fat nigga’s nut sack.

          • Officer Ricky

            Fuck rick ross and fuck you and fuck Roc’s little ass. Pass him the booster chair.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Roc consistently makes dope music. I would love to hear a Roc and Doom collaboration project.

  • Santigo

    His rhyming ability & wordplay is incredible, but Hip Hop heads dickride & overrate the fuck out of his production. Marcberg was dope as fuck when it came out, Reloaded was a solid follow up, but all his projects since have been the exact same Minimal Drums & Loops. Hip Hop music was built off drums, Roc having 95% of his production without drums is boring as fuck & flat out lazy.

    • Invisible Rules

      Diffrent approach, RZA was the same on his early production style, MF DOOM also still does it, it’s stripped down with no knock on purpose so the lyrics shine through…..Go take that drum shit to club, this is for men of respect…..Fucking Homo.

  • His sound so boombap… like heroine to my ears.