Rap Radar Podcast: Run The Jewels

Written By: @BdotTM March 3, 2017 @ 9:23 AM EDT
  • Bud

    You still trying with the podcast B Dot? I thought Drink champs retired you. You guys have a great website, please stick to what your good at. Stay in your lane homie! Keep up the good work on the site, podcast aside.

    • Bud


  • IKEEPIT100

    Leave it to Fuckin B.Thot to fuck up the Run The Jewels Logo…HE look like he doin 2 Fingers in the Butt Logo lmaooooo..Way to Fuck UP a Pic..Cornholio

  • IKEEPIT100

    Nobody comes on this site anymore..this has become a slow news website people barely comment on. The stories are dated compared to other sites

    • GodsMercy

      I think RapRadar is curated to a specific taste. Obviously, they aren’t knocking off WorldStar, AllHipHop or even HipHopDX for that matter, but when you compare them to similar sites like 2dopeboyz or Okayplayer, I can see what you’re saying.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Hipsters hop on tracks aka Hip Hop.

  • Runnit

    Run The Jewels is too gangster of a name for these 2 guys

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  • the World

    nice to hear El-P get some air time…
    respect to both, 1 of the crowning jewels of hip hop..
    we are honored to have them.