The Truth: Danny Brown Talks Old

Written By: @DontHateBeHated October 10, 2013 @ 6:50 PM EDT
  • danny-wilson
  • Ghostra Nostra

    Lmao I feel Danny Brown on the studio guy shit!

  • Price Aint Right

    Danny Brown is HILARIOUS LOL.

    “Dawg.. I aint tryna die and leave behind no shitty ass songs. Cause when you dead.. niggas gon laugh at that shit”

  • Charles

    I like this guy. He seems to have a genuine personality and a fresh outlook on the contemporary and future standing of the industry. I completely agree with him that it is time to start classifying music into separate genres within the spectrum of rap/hip hop. Its grown into a true art form with diversity and complexity.


    Danny Brown is the real deal

  • Ositadimma Onuoha

    Why isnt this interview longer? Good interview tho but legnthen them joints up its people willing to spend the time to watch in depth interviews Mr. Wilson!

  • TroyBrownTV

    People sleep on what an honor it is to be mentioned along with the ODB’s of the world. Ol’ Dirty is a legend and probably the most underappreciated figure in hiphop b/c the dude fused honesty with show/entertainment.