The Truth: DJ Khaled Suffering From Success

Written By: @TheBigHomie October 22, 2013 @ 12:53 PM EDT
  • khaled-wilson
  • CanYouAllHearMe

    These truths have just become Album promo videos for Elliott’s friends. Anyway his album has got terrible reviews so hopefully this will be his last. His formula has had its day and has hurt hip hop enough.

    • carl grimes

      sort of agree , but hells kitchen is goat

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    lol just checked his twitter and i feel kinda bad for him his practically begging people to buy his album lol every 5 minutes smh

  • KIng

    Respect the hustle

  • ck

    worst album of 2013. id rather listen to one direction than this shit

    • rick

      im not hating on him but all of his shit sound the same seriously man…but even though im right people will call it hating….

  • viva la raza

    volume issue on the video?

  • Hussle

    he’s gonna be suffering from those sales next week

  • TruthSays

    how is he a record executive and an artist with no fans?? lol something is not adding up here Khaled Khaled.

  • konvict


  • brza

    lol look how Elliott presents his material on here. seems to be more about him than the artist. no shots just an observation

  • JuJu

    truth is…no one’s buying that shit

    • brza


  • TheReal

    When is Khaled gonna learn to just release singles? He’s the anthem king for sure but that’s pretty much it….

  • slik101

    Can someone tell my why I don’t fuckin like Elliot Wilson? I don’t fuckin like the dude but I don’t know why. Something about him I just can’t pin point

  • disqus_BBXfNdTJQm

    Elliot…All your solo camera’s are Mono sound!!! Tell your editor to double up that audio son…

    • BABZY


  • Mt

    Hey Elliot,

    Didn’t know you sucked Middle Eastern dick bro. Your readers learn something new about you every video.

  • Fivestarog

    Elliott need to cut the fucking mohawk off

  • I ain’t even know the No New Friends was a Khaled joint. Cats need to salute Big and Pac because if we don’t then their names and their music will be forgotten. No matter how good you are or how hot your name gets, time moves on eventually. I’m just glad Hov used Biggie lines on Magna Carta.

  • KobaneTheMc

    Know what, Khaled look like Manny from Modern Family grew up..