The Truth Live: The Black Album 10

Written By: @DontHateBeHated November 14, 2013 @ 5:25 PM EDT
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  • aiden

    I don’t understand. this is supposed to be about the culture and you just spent and hour talking about and album that came out 10 years ago. and you spent a whole truth talking about MCHG yet marshall just drops an album rap radar claims to be the #1 album of the year and yet you talk about this. This is why people think you dick ride Jay-Z. unbelievable.

    • aiden’s dad

      aiden- you sound like you suck marshall’s wee wee for breakfast. kettle, meet pot.

    • vanruddy

      dude… are u dumb? the Truth is on LIFE AND TIMES aka JAY-Z’S BLOG! of COURSE jay-z shit is going to take preference! lol wtf else u expect?

  • the real

    if you watched jordans career it is very similiar to jay zs career. under rated from the beginning then hit that game winning shot and championship with the black album. ima tell you this black album might even be better than reasonable doubt..i do know how sick reasonable doubt is i know the whole album verbatim lol but black album (lucifer,what more can i say,psa,encore!) is shittin on blueprint to me *shrug* and blueprint is a classic ha i might sound like a groupie but jay is tooo cold. oh and the madison square garden black album concert pshhh 2 letters. mj.