The Truth: Nipsey Hussle “Crenshaw”

Written By: @BdotTM December 5, 2013 @ 1:23 PM EDT
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$100.00 Convo.

Nipsey Hussle was in the Big Apple recently, but before going back to L.A., he kicked it with Elliott Wilson. They discussed the success of his $100.00 album Crenshaw and Proud 2 Pay campaign. All money in, no money out.

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  • BillyBobJohn

    Anyone else noticed ever since Jay co-signed him RR been on his dick big time.

    • Hussle

      #newrules lololol

    • The Incredible Creation

      that’s what the game is all about now “co-sign this” “co-sign that” ..95% of the gatekeepers aren’t thinking for themselves.. they’re too stuck in their own world, not giving new up & comers a chance unless they already have some major/semi-major cosign or “buzz” already.. but hey, the game done changed…. and its way too many fuckin rappers out here *shameless plug*

      • Stiz Grimey

        eyy i fux wit this hoodie for real for real.. Where can i find yal on twitter? Add me @StizGrimey , Im bouta cop me one of this hoodie

    • Jose

      HAHAH!!! RR jump on anything Jay speak on, Dck Riding m-fkers. New Rapradar Sucks, this is how u increase clicks for AD’s and BullSht articles more pages. i like just clicking play on a song on moving on

    • TheGOOCH

      False, Ross tried to sign the nigga two years ago. Before niggaz wa on
      the bandwagon. If you really fuck with Nipsey, you would know that. The
      nigga been on ever self made except the last one.

  • ALL$IN. NO$OUT. #Crenshaw is #TIMELESS Salute to son.

  • Salute to Hussle… I can imagine what moves he gone make 10yrs from now… Guaranteed to be on top

  • jinx



  • Chad Law

    He could buy a portion of Def Jam at this point in his career, if not the whole company.

  • stefmazy
  • jhdiplomaticpower
  • BlackJesus

    40+ year old man (I’m talking to you YN) still hanging around with young cats trying to fit in. We laughin at you over here man lol

  • ¬•Serino¬•

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  • Reginald
  • Reginald