The Truth: YG

Written By: @BdotTM April 10, 2014 @ 1:02 PM EDT

YN vs. YG

Elliott’s back for the fifth season of the The Truth and while in Los Angeles, he caught up with Def Jam rising star, YG. He discussed his fantastic debutĀ My Krazy Life, West Coast resurgence, DJ Mustard, and difficulty in choosing singles.

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  • guc

    Before his album dropped Elliott and RR didn’t give 2 shits about dude but now his popular and his album got good reviews they on his dick like always smh

    • yorapper

      So they should be on his dick before he releases a great album and proven himself? Makes sense.

      • B_G_

        Yup just like they were on Macklemore’s dick b4 he dropped a LP. @ least YG actually deserves the publicity.

      • Bryan Glenn Jones
      • HassonVA

        YG was making the same exact music on his mixtapes same style and everything

    • Bryan Glenn Jones


    …….HA!!!! SHAMELESS SCUM!!!!


    • Everybody

      Nobody cares about your opinion to give two shits to hate on it. Name one artist that you even support? I swear to God this is B. Dot or one of his bloggers stirring the pot like the TMZ of RR.

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL



        • Everybody

          Will do Marc Anthony Diesel.

  • Davey Allen

    He’s from BOMPTON nigga.

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Bottom line he made one of the best albums of the year him and Q. Everyone wrote him off as a ratchet dance artist! But he made a classic hands down! Anybody hatin obviously hasnt heard the album!

    • Smoothg718

      of the year thus far…..still very early

      that being said the album is a good one

    • Bryan Glenn Jones
    • hassonva

      he made a good album.. classic is stretching it really there’s only 3 super dope songs w/really be i just wanna party who do you love and you can throw my nigga in there before they played it out

    • REALLY23

      Q album overrated imho. the songs i like r dope, but some of the other ones are cheeks

  • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

    Lookie Lookie another dumb a$$ Cookie.

  • Donn

    I think he made a cool album. But it depends on your standards as a listener. We all have ours. Some of us are looking for that wordplay, those metaphors, those line to line hit your soul lyrics, and some of us, seems more than others now adays just wanna feel good and bounce. And in that essence, that’s what YG made. He made a feel good album that sits home on beats more than lyrics. I think GKMC plays that classic storyline role that we were missing. It was original and unfortunately, that release overshadows the creativity that YG may have tried to go for. But the people will determine what is culturally impactful. And if your black and troll blogs everyday then you know about YG cus your invested in the culture. But for ppl who just work jobs, go to school, live life outside of a computer, if you walk up to the average person in the street and ask them about YG album then that says alot. But they’ll tell you about Nas, maybe Kendrick, Eminem, the ppl who are really impacting the culture outside of blog nerds and ppl who part of “the industry”. Once your music impacts outside of the average hiphop lover then you’ve really impacted and changed the culture. Drake has done that, Nicki has done that, Wayne, Nas, Eminem, Jay Z. IF you take away YG’s album from the history books, will the culture be better or still the same. That’s how you predict staying power

  • tha OG

    YG is that nigga with hands down the best album of 2014

  • Everybody

    Y’all buggin this entire album is 808’s and claps? Almost every record sounds the same. Simple melodies etc. This is hardly “groundbreaking” and no where near a classic. Same ol’ hood shit that we’ve heard a million times before.

  • Everybody

    And believe me I gave this album a chance. A few club records and that’s it. Honest opinion no hate. But then again it’s 2014 and if somebody doesn’t like something it’s considered “hating” smh.

  • akd

    April 22 is going to be an epic day in the music industry.

    Future has that much power!–>

  • The Truth

    Elliott bring back the couch. If you gonna do the interview thing instead at least find an artist that speaks decent English. Yg is like the ozzy of rap. Good on the mic but terrible speaking.

  • Maal

    YG 400! His album is kold nigga!

  • Bryan Glenn Jones
  • rodea

    man that nigga nice

  • mc

    elliott wilson’s laugh is the most annoying noise on planet earth

  • mc

    same damn questions yg has answered in every single interview he’s done in the last month

  • Uncle Tom

    Elliot is the biggest Stan there is. Dude gives the worst interviews and just laughs obnoxiously after every response he gets like a shy 13 yr old white girl. Elliot use some rogaine and don’t quit your day job you chubby mf.