YPY: The Oscars

Written By: @Elliottwilson March 3, 2014 @ 2:51 PM EDT
  • jrr

    waiting on the CROWN: Q

  • James

    Yall gotta stop giving a shit what stodgy award shows think of Hip Hop. We don’t need their validation.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      I love it when ppl say hip-hop doesn’t need that kind of validation when in reality we do, how many times have hip-hop has proved to be the ultimate culture and influencers in culture period, yet out-dated models and minds wanna keep holding us back

      • James

        You love it? Why does hip hop need it? Hip Hop kicked open the doors, it didnt politely ask to be accepted. Hip Hop was embraced by the youth despite the mainstream. It became the influencers to the youth partly because of its anti establishment attitude. So now we’re gonna beg for them to like us because of what we’ve done for culture? Don’t worry. They will. 15 years from now. How many old ass rock acts get props from Grammys now that they’re retirement age? This shit is nothing new. The Grammys and Oscars aren’t taste makers. They’re old boring fucks voting for old boring shit. Be HAPPY that they don’t validate it. Cause once they do, you know it’s played out.

        • Strong Enough

          rappers have won oscars before. no biggie

          • Dwight Stewart

            definitely a biggie. you can count them on half a hand. the same can be said about white people winning a bet award so i don’t participate in these aimless discussions.

          • Strong Enough

            whats your point? oh you think its race? you think the oscars don’t care or respect hip hop? nigga please. These are the same people who gave THREE SIX MAFIA a fucking oscar and let them perform at their show turning an all white extravaganza into the fucking source awards. It’s all about rappers making songs for movies which not many do nor do alot of movies call for it. It isn’t about race, its about quality. So don’t sit here and think you are shunned out or rebelling against a organization that looks down on you.

          • Dwight Stewart

            let them? how sweet! the point is that since is so rare for a black artist to get an oscar it is a big deal when it happens. you are telling me that there are only 4 black people in the world worthy of an oscar in the HISTORY of the oscars! i think not! thats the point. either way its a racial debate that i clearly don’t want to be apart of.

  • K

    This post is going to cause some serious controversy in the academy……..


      Lmfaoooooo yeah right

      *understands sarcasm*

  • THE guest

    i think yn is the one playing himself with this post…

    • DUST-O-LEUM®

      YN IS A STR8 HOE

  • RBS

    Why do “we” always feel like “we” are the only ones who deserve to win these awards? I never understand that shit… Frozen was a hugely successful film, and people loved the songs… Get over it.

  • z

    Frozen is a MUSICAL that grossed a billion dollars

    nobody is beating them

    • BKFlacco

      yeah but “Happy” is a song written and intended for a film that hit #1 on the pop charts. There is something to be said for that.

      • z

        #1 song vs a billion dollars

        thats a tough one. not

  • Belize

    who gives a fuck about this ghey ass niggas mane

    • IronMan

      You do apparently. You took time out to actually comment on this (ghey ass niggas mane) fucking dumbass fool

  • Donn

    Yea I hate how ppl feel like HipHop is always entitled to win over other quality music. Even if u don’t listen to it or it’s not ur thing, other genres make great music too enough to be validated.

  • Toronto

    Happy isn’t a good song……..you can’t just reward Pharrell because he has made a lot of good music if the song that’s nominated isn’t good….

  • Wait

    The academy then asks itself.. “Who the fuck is Elliot Wilson?” Then goes back to counting their money.