YPY: “Young” Justin Bieber

Written By: @Elliottwilson June 10, 2014 @ 12:12 AM EDT

What’chu takin ’bout young Bieberveli? Yeah these n word tapes from your past are very disturbing but let’s hope it was just a case of teenage ignorance. You’re a man now, kid. Make it right, Justin.

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  • blackholesurfer

    really seriously you have an issue with that?? but people in the city throw that word around like the daily newspaper. than it must be ignorance also if black people use it every minute of the day and even in rap songs and you dont expect white people to say it while rapping their favorite songs??? it is used many different ways as to saying thats my nigga. and that would be interpreted as my friend. dont be offended because a white person says it while you accept it in rap culture and your own house were im sure you say it all the time even when you hanging out with your homies. so just stop being a sharpton.

    • Hussle

      he didnt say “my nigga” faggot. he made a racist joke. Sorry…racist JOKES!!!! how can you say its the same?? You are clearly a white person. FOH!

      • blackholesurfer

        so what like you never said a cracker joke ever black man. and its because he said nigga nigga nigga. your favorite comedians say the same shit and Dave Chappelle does it and lets not forget the almighty Richard Pryor back in the day. No one complaining about that shit are they now i dont give a rats ass if it was a comedian or not quit wearing your heart on your sleeve….. you get the FOH.

        • GetReal

          you’re a fuckin idiot everyone you named is black, get your white ass off this topic and shut the fuck up, you have no business here

        • LeVar Johnson

          So you know, Richard Pryor stopped using the word nigga after a trip to Africa. He said he saw a bunch of beautiful black people and not one nigga/nigger anywhere. After that he vowed to never call a fellow black person that again. I don’t care how anyone wants to sugarcoat it talking about context. The word is bad. Mya Angelou once said if you “If you have a bottle of liquid with with a skull and crossbones marked poison you won’t drink it, but if you pour it in a bottle encrusted with jewels, that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s poison.”

        • TheDigitalOne

          Believe it or not Blacks don’t sit around making white racists jokes…I guess thats a white thing

    • marty mcfly

      We can say it. White people can not. I mean I thought thats been a clear understanding for generations now. The history of how you say NIGGER in support of racism is what bars you from being able to say NIGGA to another black person as if we as a people historical have been treated the same or are viewed in the same context. Words have functions and understood meanings and intentions so as a nigga if I came up to a white person and said “whats up my redneck cracker”… Like that would make no sense and you’d prolly look at me like in crazy (if a white man said it to another white man, no offense would be taken. So when a white person says hey what up my nigga(er)… Of course you get looked at like you outte pocket. The reason black people and white people dont speak the same is because the history and culture isnt the same. Its the same reason why other cultures dont refer to other cultures as if they are of the same race. The thing is some white people just cant say you know what, im gonna give you the respect I would myself just based on thats how people supposed to act. NO, they wanna leave the door open for disrespect because deep down many of them are racist and want to say NIGGER because thats their true way of thinking but they make excuses for why they cant say it based on the fact black people say it. Why, not say it just because its not the thing to do and thats it? You shouldn’t feel any type of way about the word being used if your white other then you shouldn’t say it. Its like, I would never go to a mexican and act like I can talk to them the same way they speak to each other. There’s no reason for me to.

      • marty mcfly

        Or a Asian, or Jew or whatever…

      • blackholesurfer

        i understand the Taboos about it. but if a black man say thats one dumb nigga to another black man they are talking about themselves and they know nigga is black for referring it too. if a white person says it meaning the same if a black person said it that would be racist. i have black friends and they say thats my down ass nigga right there and im white but accepted as thats how the expression of a good friend even though im white. its a double edge sword in society and im just tired of the rhetoric and race card that is played by people. not all white people jew or asian are racist and just saying it and using it in the same way shouldn’t be so damn bad should it.

        • GetReal

          are you retarded? the nigga made a racist joke he was just saying “my nigga” you’re probably white and tryna justify this bullshit

        • marty mcfly

          You dont say it cause your own brain tells you not to. If you white and you say nigga, its a good chance you own brain says that aint what you should be sayin. So its not a double edge sword if your own mind goes against the word when you say it. As a black man when I hear nigga coming from another black person its almost certain that racism is not there. When a white person says it, I dont know what your intentions are. I dont care if were friends or not cause first of all, we’ll never be cool enough for you to say nigga around me so if you do, you outta pocket. Just arguing it is outta pocket cause if you white and your debating on why you cant say the word nigga? Thats something you should be able to answer yourself.

        • marty mcfly

          I would think any smart white person would wanna stay as far away from that word as possible.

    • PTK

      whoa, whoa, whoa. the issue here is white supremacy. if you’re gonna act like there’s no such thing as white supremacy then much of the past 500 years won’t make sense either. context matters. you can’t wipe away 500 years of white people using the word as a weapon with your three year friendship. but i assume you know all of this and are just trolling because you just used sharpton’s name as a euphemism for nigger.

      • blackholesurfer

        see the racism come out of you by saying i used sharptons name as a euphemism for nigger. nahh i used his came because he is a hypocrite and he has used the black community for years and done nothing but be a race baiter.

        • PTK

          we don’t need you to protect us from sharpton, we need you to get your boy bieber

    • Kevin Banks

      Fucking Caucasoids, you know what I encourage you to use that word freely it will catch up to you soon enough.

    • TheDigitalOne

      The word Nigger was used to belittle Blacks and was shout before Blacks were killed by racist Whites…The same way Bieber sang about killing one less Nigger and joining the KKK…you would never understand

      • blackholesurfer

        and you still use the word nigga keep belittling then. who was the authoritative figure that said blacks can say it. you know little kids dont know racism when they are born your taught it. just as your culture teaches that it is ok to say it so GTFO.

        • TheDigitalOne

          Yeah anything to justify your wrong doings; typical

          • blackholesurfer

            facts son nothing but the facts

  • GreenBergs

    lol if he played himself seperate beiber from hip hop, lmao simple thats where it begins…

  • Kevin Banks

    Fuckoutta here, I aint giving this dude a pass just because he is a pop star. Once a racist always a racist, only now he will be sure to make those jokes around his white friends and make sure that nobody is recording. Anyway what does Justin Bieber have to do with hip hop??

  • Sean Power

    everyone upset about him use the N word, as if him want kill black people and join KKK would be less offensive if had said black people instead on the N word, take N word and you see someone around not sure if parents are what but they where laying a foundation for hate of black people as hold

  • Donn

    We can say it, you can’t, get the fuck over it. It’s that simple. White ppl wanna use it so bad but they just can’t take that they aren’t allowed to do something in this country so they do whatever they can to challenge it. YOU CANT SAY NIGGA. TYPE WHATEVER ON THE INTERNET BEHIND YOUR COMPUTERS WHERE ITS SAFE BUT GO OUT IN PUBLIC AND TALK THE SAME SHIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO U.

  • NativeKing

    Why do white people want to use that word SOOOOO bad??

    If I tell you it offends me and other blacks when you use it, that conversation should be dead and done right there….if you keep using it after that, it’s obvious you don’t care…

    White dudes that are really from the hood, white rappers, and white ball players don’t use that word and understand why…YET THE SUBURBAN, WANNA BE COOL ONES WILL FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO USE THAT WORD LOL…

  • The cat was a young boy when all that happened. It’s no big deal to me. Ultimately, I wanna see Bieber get back on the right track. He’s got to start by making better decisions or by finding better advisors to help him out with that. Start there and work on the rest from that point.

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  • Capuccino

    ight so I’m italian (aka white) and live in the projects in brooklyn, where I’m usually the only white person. most of my friends, if not all of them, are black, and i only fuck wit black or puerto rican chicks. aside the occasional white joke, or my friends one time introducing me 2 another white kid for me ( lls that actually happened, shit was mad funny. my homie noticing that I’m the only whiteboy in our group, decided to bring thru this white kid he cops bud from 2 see if id like him XD lol but i didn’t like him so we didn’t chill wit him again) none of the ppl i keep close treat me any different because of my skin color and i might as well b black. I’m also called nigga by my girl and my friends and i dont see this as strange at all. but i never say it in any context for any reason. my girl has actually asked me y i dont say it and has tried 2 make me say it, and i still dont. so y dont i ever say it? first of all, i dont fuckin feel like it. shit dont mean too much to me since even though i understand the hateful roots of the word, in modern day america it isn’t more than a way to greet ur homie, but if it pisses off some ppl if i do say it, even though my homies wouldn’t care, i dont see the need. @disqus_Rfvkrdb3b8:disqus said that white ppl that r truly from the hood dont feel the need 2 say it, and u spot on bruh. i just dont understand y ppl from the burbs r so butthurt that they can’t say it. imean u can’t call a gay person a fag, a native american a redskin, a mentally challenged person retarded, etc. y is callin black ppl niggas so fuckin important 2 u?

  • Weird Moves by RapRadar

    must be tough coming up with a YPY 4 times a year… lol I really wonder how serious a site you guys run sometimes.

  • Uncle Tom


  • The intelligent critic

    Shut the fuck up Elliot, Justin Combs has more to do hip hop than that white boy. You sound like you are scolding him instead of CHECKING HIS IGNORANT ASS!! Fuck him. Justin B is NOT and DOES NOT represent hip-hop. That’s why DJ Premier did not let him do the BET cypher. Please kindly Get the fuck up outta here with him Elliot. Thanks.