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Busta Rhymes Bigs Up Blogs and Plugs New Mixtape

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The Leader of the New School shows he’s up on the power of today’s Internets and announces his next mixtape, I Bullshit You Not. You can Kiss My Ass if you don’t think that’s a good title. Ha!

Sidebar: Is that a Rap Radar shout? I ain’t heard from Trevor since he threatened to choke me out over a coverline. Let’s start rap over, Bussa Bus!

Nicki Minaj Interview (Part 1)


The Young Money femme fatale that’s got all the fellas open, shares her thoughts on a wide range of topics with BET’s troublemaker. And this is only part uno.

Confession: I’ve never listened to one of her songs yet. Don’t kill me.

Cool De La Soul Live Footage


What’s Ebony/Jet doin’ with this dopness? Before the L.I. trio get into “Breakadawn,” Posdnous rhymes his ass off. I don’t even know the song or if it’s a freestyle, but it’s hot. (Insert Young Buck YN’s confused joke).

New Music: Cam’Ron x Jadakiss “Let’s Talk About”

“I’m a hustler did numbers in a drought/ You at your mom’s crib for the summer on the couch/A lot of niggas suck, nothin’ to figure out/They put themselves in the hole want you to dig them out.”— Jason

New York Stand Up! It’s our time. Take a bow and then diddy bop. Dips meet D-Block. Nile Ivey wins again!

[youtube= cln]

YN’s Breakabonus!


Cam’Ron vs. Emilio Sparks
“I own it. Are they part of Dip Set?… What you got to realize there wouldn’t be a bunch of Skull Gang, Byrd Gang, if they could exclude me from Dip Set. You wouldn’t be makin’ up all these other names if you could kick me out of Dip Set. I own Dip Set so you can never kick me out of Dip Set.”
And oh yeah, no Hot 97 Summer Jam reunion.
Killa is dumb candid in Staten Island with the rising star of radio. Guess I gotta start taking this dude serious and get my yellow ass on the Ferry. This is good shit. Must see.
Bonus: More Cam in Wu Land.
Irv Gotti Interview (Angie Martinez)

The one on the left is my wife. Four years in June.

Hit or not, Irv Gotti remains a great interview. Here he is choppin’ it up with the hostess with the mostess Angie Mar. Gotti’s Way 2 debuts Mon May 4 at 10:30 EST.

Irv 1

{mp3}02 irv 2{/mp3}

Gotti gloats over his Monopoly game victory over Ang (Joe BuddenTV footage on the way). And Irv thinks Jay/B is the only real celebrity power couple that will last.

Irv 2

{mp3}03 irv 3{/mp3} 

Chopped off beginning, Irv talks about how no one moves units anymore and plugs his upcoming HBO show, 160 Varick. The address was the original location of Def Jam and show will be Entourage-like look at music industry.