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’12 Best Albums: #2 Nas Life Is Good

Prior to 2012, life wasn’t always so good for Nasir. After the lackluster work on his previous release, Nas shocked the world with his formidable tenth album. As if one is needed, Esco re-introduces himself on the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-assisted “No Introduction”. Nas can’t pick good beats? On this go-round, the quality behind the boards took a giant leap forward. Nas’ go-to producer Salaam Remi provides the foundation behind the boards on the well-narrated tale of his borough (“Queens Story“), the […]

’12 Best Albums: #3 T.I. Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head

Despite his run-ins with the law and underwhelming No Mercy, T.I. found redemption with last year’s release, Trouble Man. Marvin Gaye ushers in “The Introduction” but “Go Get It” proves T.I. needs no helping hands. Lyrically, Tip steps his rap game up. He’s confident (“G Season”), reckless (“Trap Back Jumpin” ) and even a bit arrogant (“The Way I Ride”). But trap muzik isn’t the only thing Cliff’s serving. His R.Kelly collaboration “Can You Learn” is on the easy on the ears. He allows Andre […]

’12 Worst Singles: #3 LL Cool J “Ratchet”

It breaks our hearts to hear this coming from the G.O.A.T. Ironically off his forthcoming Authentic Hip Hop, Uncle L decided to pass on the sophisticated ladies for the trashy and obnoxious chicks “She’s so ratchet, she’s so ratchet/But she’s so bad we could throw cash at it/First I’m gonna smash it, then I’m gonna leave it”. And you can take this track here with you. Sorry, Todd. The around-the-way girls are the ones for us.

’12 Worst Singles #4: Ca$h Out “Cashin’ Out”

Ca$h Out rode around last spring with two girls named “Nina” and “Keisha” on his breakout single, “Cashin Out”. From its quirky beat, meaningless lyrics and cheesy chorus, the song was tailored made for radio fluff. Although the track earned Ca$h Out a gold plaque, it wasn’t enough for the honeys to stay. “Nina” and “Keisha” haven’t been heard from since.