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The Cool Kids When Fish Ride Bicycles Cover & Tracklist

The Cool Kids are back and will be releasing their new album on July 12th. Features will include Bun B, Asher Roth and many more. 1. Rush Hour Traffic 2. GMC 3. Boomin’ (feat. Tennille) 4. Sour Apples (feat. Travis Barker) 5. Penny Hardaway (feat. Ghostface Killah) 6. Bundle Up 7. Gas Station (feat. Bun B) 8. Get Right 9. Swimsuits (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) 10. Roll Call (feat. Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper, Boldy James) 11. Summer Jam (feat. Maxine […]

Kreayshawn Addresses $1 Million Rumor

Let me get cha up to speed old timer. Kreayshawn is an up-and-comer from Oakland affiliated with Lil B and Odd Future. A few days ago, Miss Info said she signed a million dollar contract with Sony based on the song above. This afternoon, Complex posted an in-depth interview with her where she says the deal has yet to be completed. “[As far as the deal with Sony] nothing is finalized yet. But we’ve definitely been taking a whole bunch […]

B.I.G. Daughter Graduates High School

“…Get my daughter this college grant, so she don’t need no man.“ The G.E.D. wasn’t for B.I.G. nor is it for his daughter, Tyanna. Over the weekend, his lil’ girl graduated from high school. Lil Cease tweeted the following congrats below. “Congrads to my babygirl @tyanna810 4 a big acomplishment 2day… I’m truly am proud of u & I’m alway here 4 u!!” mtv