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Shawty Redd Cleared Of Murder Charge

Shawty Redd can breathe easier now after a Georgia judge cleared him of murder charges. Early last year, Redd fatally shot an acquaintance inside his Hampton, GA home. According to Redd’s lawyer, Ashutosh Joshi: “The defense [in the trial] was clearly self-defense,” Joshi told MTV News. “We argued that Redd’s life was threatened both verbally and physically, and this occurred in his home and that he shot this gentleman as a result of that.”

Common Discusses His “Sweet” Rant

By now, we all heard Common’s diatribe at the end of his latest recording, “Sweet“. XXL got Lonnie on the horn to discusses his blind attack. When I heard “Sweet” I though to myself, “I haven’t heard Common talk shit like that since One Day It’ll All Make Sense.” What made you bring that old Common back? Common: It’s funny you say the old Common, ‘cause one of my boys said, “Man, you remind me of when you was at […]