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Jay Bilas Quotes Young Jeezy On ESPN

“You better call your crew you’re going to need help!” While commentating the Missouri vs. Villanova game, ESPN analyst/Young Jeezy stan Jay Bilas , quoted the “urban philosopher”‘s line from “Bottom Of The Map“.  He then continued on Twitter.  TM 103 December 20th. Got the weight of the world on my shoulders. And I swear it feels like ten thousand boulders. I gotta go to work. Lately, I been off and out of sight, seldom out of mind. Get your business right, […]

Al Lindstrom’s 2011 Rookie Of The Year

A few weeks ago, Al Lindstrom rounded up yours truly, Combat Jack, Jayson Rodriguez, Jeff Sledge, Joe La Puma, and Neil Ceaser for his annual year-end recap. In this clip, we debated on the 2011 rookie of the year. The criteria was: “The artist who had the biggest breakout year”. Agree or disagree with our selections? Speak your piece in the comments.

New Video: GLC “Autumn On They Mind”

As the lames pray and pray for his downfall, GLC strolls through the park and brushes them off in his new clip. But before making like a tree and leave, get his new mixtape here. No matter what you accomplish in this game of life you may encounter lames that can’t comprehend your ism. I used the comparison of leaves falling from the trees during the Fall in Chicago to lames wishing on my downfall. @ the end of the day exercise yo […]

Macklemore Sold Out NYC Performance

Despite the dreary weather, 550 fans occupied The Bowery Ballroom last night to catch rising star, Macklemore. Along with DJ, producer, and hypeman Ryan Lewis, the Seattle natives gave arguably one of the best live hip-hop performances I witnessed this year. Even without knowing their songs verbatim, the duo’s stage presence and stadium status anthems made for great night out. A tissue for your sorrows if you missed out, but here’s a recap courtesy of dark nyte‘s 60d.