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ESPN Interviews French Montana

ESPN recently went one-on-one with French Montana. He discussed his upcoming debut, Carmelo Anthony, his earlier days on the court, and the success of “Pop That”. Have you noticed a strong connection between “Pop That,” a great pump-up song, and sports? Oh yeah, definitely. A lot of NFL stadiums play it. I look at Twitter all the time and I’m like, “Giants versus the 49ers playing ‘Pop That’ to open up the game.” Every time I look, there’s always people […]

Lil Wayne Rehospitalized

Not again. The gumshoes over at TMZ say that Weezy has suffered another seizure onboard a plane en route from Louisiana to Texas. He’s set to be released from a local hospital. Earlier today, Wayne was hospitalized for “seizure” like symptoms. UPDATE: He’s good [tweet