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’11 Best Mixtapes: #7 Wale The Eleven One Eleven Theory

In celebration of a million Twitter followers and to further wet the public’s appetite for Ambition, Wale returned to his mixtape roots. The follow-up to RR’s personal fave More About Nothing, this collection reeks of Folarin’s new-found extra confidence and lyrical flair. Already knowing what he had in the stash, Ralph unleashed strong selections like the outstanding opener “Fuck You,” the Aretha Franklin-fueled “Lacefrontin” and the stand-out, D.C. bounce-based “Bait”. Whether showing love to the wide world of sports (“Barry […]

’11 Best Mixtapes: #8 50 Cent The Big 10

You can never count 50 Cent out. With the release of his next album in limbo, he held fans over with his latest mixtape, The Big 10. Fif makes killing two birds with one stone look easy. First, he gives his hometown a new anthem (“Queens”) and radio another rotator, “I Just Wanna”. Gunplay has always been 50’s specialty (“You Took My Heart”, “Shooting Guns”) but when the time calls for it, he knows when to ease off the trigger (“Wait […]

’11 Best Mixtapes: #9 L.E.P. Bogus Boys Now Or Neva

The Bogus Boys gave the game an ultimatum with last year’s standout, Now Or Neva. The Chicago natives leave their calling cards on “Amerikkka’s Worst Nightmare” and “Claim My Shit”. They push their skills to the limit on “25TH Hour” and emit the same urgency with Meek Mill for “Rush Hour”. Their crown jewel though, comes from the Lupe Fiasco-assisted “Zombieland”. Anchored by J-Kits’ instrumentation, the Chicago natives deliver a cautionary tale served cold. “Better open up your eyes they’ll […]