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’11 Worst Albums: #3 Lil B I’m Gay

Lil B got the attention he wanted last spring after ceremoniously naming his album, I’m Gay. Unfortunately, his publicity stunt backfired like a double barrel 12 gauge. B’s production palette is noteworthy, but that’s where it stops. From beginning to end, I’m Gay is marred by off kilter ramblings and incoherent verbiage. Simply put: the boy can’t rap. Just goes to show that short-term decisions breed long term ramifications. Straight up.

’11 Best Singles: #3 The Throne “Niggas In Paris”

Folks of all races skated to one song and this one song only. Over Hit-Boy’s heavy drums and electrifying bridge, Jay and Ye displayed their balling antics on tilt that made even the poorest man wanna dig in his pocket to cop a bottle of bubbly. The Will Ferrell Blades Of Glory-sample during the break was actually quite fitting since we needed a time out from all the kinetic energy. Thankfully the bars were as strong as the bounce. From […]

’11 Worst Albums: #4 Lil Kim Black Friday

Yeah I know this was technically a mixtape but since Kimmy was selling this crap and PayPal ganked me not once but twice, I say it counts. Y’all remember the fuckery this disaster caused early last year but how many have you have ever taken the time to listen to this 76 minute CD in full. Well I have and I still haven’t recovered. I’ll never get that time back! Whether she’s murdering herself on Minaj’s track (“Pissin On Em”), […]

’11 Best Singles: #4 Bad Meets Evil “Fast Lane”

Just in case anyone forgot Eminem and Royce Da’ 5’9″ could rap, “Fast Lane” was a great reminder. Released under their Bad Meets Evil banner, “Fast Lane” is a Stan’s wet dream. Over an aggressive soundbed, Em and Nickle bob and weave through pockets of syllables and complexities. By the end of the closing bell, their sparring match is best summed up by Royce’s line: “Me and Shady deaded the past, so that basically resurrected my cash flow“. Jackpot!

Lil Wayne Releasing Prison Memoir

Tunechi will soon be adding author to his resume. AP reports he has signed with Grand Central Publishing to release Gone Til November, which will feature diary entries from his stint at Rikers Island. The pub is set for a November 28 release. Back in November of 2010, Dwayne Carter was released after serving 8 months for his gun charge. During that time, he interacted with fans through a series of letters and journals through his site. hhdx

’11 Worst Albums: #5 Jim Jones Capo

Jomo’s good with us ’round these parts. But when it comes to his last album, Capo, this was just all kinds of bad. For starters, his single “Perfect Day” didn’t live up its flawless title. Unlike Jim’s previous efforts, (particularly Harlem: Diary Of A Summer), Capo lacks continuity and cohesiveness. There’s jacked flows (“The Paper”, “Hockey Bag”), poor production (“Dope Boi”), and mediocre rhymes (you can take your pick on that one). Jim’s proven to be capable of holding down […]

’11 Best Singles: #5 Common “Blue Sky”

Common’s second single was first rate. Produced by No I.D., Lonnie went ham over choreographed drums and a groovy Electric Light Orchestra sample. Part inspirational, “It all started with a dream, I wanted to be Run D.M.C/ The Lord put the blessing upon the MC” with a dash of swagger, “Suited in Prada, stay mellow like LaLa/ Young fresh with dollars, ladies go gaga” “Blue Sky” soars above the clouds. Lift off.

’11 Best Singles: #6 The Throne “Otis”

Before the album even dropped, this song was a movement by itself. Son! Do you remember how this pass-the-mic, soul sample-packed lyrical exchange shook the rap game up? Over Otis Redding’s “Tenderness,” this nigga Kanye told YMCMB to “tuck their whole summer in.” Crazy! Hov’s callin the paps on himself? This shit still give me chills. Run it back! Maybe Flex likes this shit more than me. But not by a lot. Ha!