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Pharrell Shocks David Blaine

Magician David Blaine performed his latest stunt Friday at NY’s Pier 54. Blaine stood on a 20-foot-high platform for three days surrounded by a million volts of electricity. Pharrell joined in on the act by shooting the volts from his keyboard. Pretty electrifying, ay? nytimes

Jay-Z Takes Subway To Barclays Footage

It’s been 18 years since Jay-Z rode the subway. True story. In fact, he told Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg that he wished he could’ve rode the train to his Yankee Stadium concerts. Well, he got his wish. Yesterday afternoon, Hov ditched the Maybach and hopped aboard the R line for his final concert at the Barclays Center. Stand clear of the closing doors—and crazy ass fans. necolebitchie