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Ryan Leslie Les Is More Cover & Tracklist

R.Les finally stitches his print for the cover art of his long-awaited LP, Les Is More. Who knows, maybe it’s more to our October 23rd purchase and this is the free T-shirt. 1. Glory 2. Beautiful Lie 3. Good Girl 4. 5 Minute Freshen Up 5. Dress You to Undress You 6. Maybachs & Diamonds 7. Swiss Francs 8. Ups & Downs (Prelude) 9. Ups & Downs 10. Ready or Not 11. Lovers & Mountains 12. The Black Flag 13. Joan of Arc 14. Beautiful […]

J.Cole Joins Kendrick Lamar In N.C.

K-Dot’s BET Music Matters tour made a stop last night at Charlotte’s The Fillmore. And during his set he brought out the home state’s Roc star who recited a freestyle, which some say was penned for Diggy. Bitch was the baddest, head was the greatest Only one thing I ask of you haters. You can’t diss a nigga if you got him on your playlist From straight A’s to A-list, only niggas with AKs can play this. My Jordan 13s like 8th grade You niggas debaters but […]