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Saigon Visits YN On EVR

Mr. Wilson’s final guest Friday was the Yardfather who stopped by the East Village Studios to promote his Warning Shots 3 mixtape. Down bottom, E gets Sai to freestyle over “No Church In The Wild” and “Lord Knows” instrumental loops. Hip-hop is live, y’all. Peep whole show here.

Maino Calls YN On EVR

Out on the road promoting his recently-released mixtape, I Am Who I Am, and upcoming album, The Day After Tomorrow, Maino reached out to our Yellow friend and discussed the differences between the two projects. Below, a moment of clarity on “I Still Love You” and the Lil Kim-related controversy it caused. Gossip. Gossip. Peep whole show here.

Too $hort No Trespassing Tracklist

Must be a sign. Come February 28, $hort Dawg will release his 19th studio album, No Trespassing. Peep the first single, here. Violators beware. hhnm UPDATE: Titles below. 1. What The Fuck 2. Got Her Like 3. Playa Fo Life 4. Trying To Come Up Ft. C.O. 5. Crush Cologne Ft. Rico Tha Kidd x DJ Upgrade 6. The Magazine Ft. Chase Hattan 7. I Got Caught Ft. Martin Luther 8. I’m A Stop Ft. 50 Cent 9. Hog Ridin’ […]