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’11 Best Guest Verses: #3 Eminem “Throw It Up”

Time and time again, Eminem proves why he’s one of the best to ever clutch a microphone. On Yelawolf’s “Throw It Up”, he anchors the track with clever couplets, witty limericks, and an undying penchant for fast food ,“I’m a rapper/ Then I wrap her/ In the head/ With a Whopper, that I bought from BK/ You expect me to be proper?” Nope. Have it your way, Marshall.

’11 Best Beats: #4 Lil Lody “Rollin”

For the last year and a half, Lil Lody has been one of the most coveted producers in the game. So for Gunplay’s boom bap, Lody’s rapid drum patterns and cockbacks provide the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s choppy flow. Hell, even MMG nemesis, Young Jeezy couldn’t deny it. Picture us rollin.

’11 Best Guest Verses: #4 Tyler, The Creator “Martians vs. Goblins”

Game’s no stranger to sharing the spotlight. So for his track, “Martians vs. Goblins” off The R.E.D. Album, he showcases Tyler, The Creator’s baritone front and center. Within the first couple bars, he wittily jabs Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, and Tyler Perry. But when it comes to down to it, Tyler’s rhymes ain’t no joke: “This nigga Game got Wolf Haley for this feature/ My team is running shit like we have full cleat Adidas/ Getting chased by the polices […]

’11 Best Beats: #5 Tyler, The Creator “Yonkers”

When The Creator finished concocting this track he titled it “Yonkers” because it sounded to him like his version of what vintage 90s New York rap sounds like. Yes the kick drums snap like Da Beatminerz, the looming baseline is dark and deadly, and, of course, Tyler had to thrust some chunky chords on top for good measure. Notorious for refusing to officially release his instrumentals, the OF leader couldn’t stop MCs like Styles from adding their 16s. Hey it’s […]