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New Music: Mac Miller x Most Dope “No Photos (Posse Cut Pt.1)”

Mac Miller spreads love to his clique on a 14 minute posse cut. Here’s the order in which they appear: Bill The Kid, Franchise, Willy Whip$, Vinny Radio, Peanut, G-Reg, Big Homie, Q, Larry F., Treejay & The Cigarillos, Goldie Glocks, Clockwork, and babyscumbag. That’s a lot of muthafuckas. Most Dope is the family, so respect the conglomerate.

Nicki Minaj Massive Attacks Mariah Carey

[tweet] So lady like, Nicki. Tension brewed today during the Charlotte, NC American Idol auditions. Sources say Nicki even took it a step further off camera and threatened to “knock out” MiMi. Oy vey! Transcript below. Nicki  Get this shit in self control.  Get in control.  Get in control.  Randy  Settle down, settle down Nicki  Don’t lose your head.  Don’t lose your head (inaudible).  Don’t tell me I’m a gangster. Nicki  (inaudible) every 5 minutes.  So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma […]