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New Video: C-N-N “Bloody Money”

It only took 15 years, but N.O.R.E. finally shot a video for C-N-N’s classic, “Bloody Money”. He premiered it at the end of his “Get Her” video, but came to his senses and released it on his own. Hopefully this sparks a trend with more veteran rappers. Add War Report to your collection here. Previously: “No Delayin”

Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down On RapFix

Lupe appeared on MTV‘s Rap Fix yesterday and during his interview, he broke down after watching scenes from his 2006 My Block special. To hear him to tell it, some of the people in the footage are deceased or behind bars. It’s some of them dudes is dead. Chicago’s the murder capital. The dudes in that video are in prison, a couple of fed cases, and then there’s ghosts. You see people that, that ain’t there.