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Shady Museum At Brisk Bodega

shot: Canon Eos 60d | Darknyte If you couldn’t make it to the Brisk Bodega yesterday, you missed out on the Shady Records Museum. The exhibition showcased the history of the label and included artifacts such as platinum plaques, Grammy Awards, and costumes worn by Eminem and 50 Cent. Check out pics on our Facebook page too.

Yelawolf At Brisk Bodega

shot: Canon EOS 60D The Brisk Bodega was open for business yesterday in NYC to celebrate the resurgence of Shady Records. Yelawolf was in the house and performed cuts from 0-60 Trunk Muzik as well as his new single, “Hard White”. More of DarkNyte ‘s film after the jump. Radioactive coming October 25th.

Hip-Hop On Mayweather vs. Ortiz Fight

Last night, Floyd Mayweather remained undefeated with a KO victory over Victor Ortiz at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Minutes into the 4th round, Ortiz hit Mayweather with an illegal head butt. After Ortiz let his guard down in a apologetic embrace, Money pulled back and took advantage with a mean left hook and right cross that sent Ortiz to the canvas. Of course, your favorite rappers’ favorite shit-talker all took to Twitter and weighed in on the fight as […]