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Rick Ross Announces MMG Compilation

Rap Radar: Any idea of doing a Maybach Music compilation album to introduce the new movement fully? Rick Ross: I think we will bypass the compilation aspect but we’re gonna be releasing mixtapes. I was on the phone with DJ Drama last night discussing the possibility of a Maybach music, Gangsta Grillz. Like what we could do to make it different, you know. We had a good conversation. Where there’s demand, someone will supply. Hours after YN posted his Rick […]

Ghostface Denies Dissing Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa recently stopped by the Star & Bucwild Morning show on 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia. During the interview, Wiz responded to comments allegedly made by Ghostface Killah: This afternoon, Ghost turned to his Twitter account and repudiated the claims. It’s all peace. Ayo i wanna address this bullshit going on, this website called bigghostnahmean is a fake website which i have no affiliation with or did i say anthing negative about any of them artists up on that […]

Rap Radar Interview: Rick Ross

Attn: Dumb folks. The following is not the interview I did with Rick Ross for RESPECT. magazine. That was conducted before Ross officially signed Wale, Meek, and Pill and inked up with Warner Bros. for his Maybach Music Group label. This is a phone convo that was recorded last week that focuses on why he decided to pass on mogul pals like Baby and Puff and break bread with Lyor Cohen’s house. What does the future hold for Rozay the […]

Lupe Says Label Holding Him Hostage

Lupe’s new album Lasers, drops next Tuesday. But yesterday he told the Chicago Sun Times that he felt his label Atlantic Records was holding him hostage. “I was specifically told” — Fiasco chuckled — “‘Don’t rap too deep on this record.’” He laughed some more. “That was a specific order from the top. ‘You’re rapping too fast or too slow, or it’s too complex.’ … There are consequences and combat that comes from that process and the eventual compromise. With […]